Keep The Pure Energy GO App Running Smoothly

The Pure Energy GO Subscription Service is delivered via a state of the art App, giving users to acccess the entire Pure Energy GO fitness music catalogue with features such as a playlist builder and pitch control. But, as with all technology, there are times when the App needs a bit of attention to keep … Continued

Exercise to music. Just press play, right?

There are two key factors to consider when playing music in a gym, studio or exercise class: quality and compliance. When you press play, is the music you’ve chosen going to optimise the experience of your members, whether they are just walking through the door, working out on the gym floor or participating in a … Continued

Introducing The New User Interface For The Pure Energy GO App!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make the Pure Energy GO App even easier to use, so you can quickly access the music you need for each and every class.  The homepage of the App has recently been updated to present you with 8 key sections to streamline the way you access and discover music.  … Continued