Sarah Deeley Porter in a yoga pose in front of a buddha statue

Yoga Flowing Beats – Class Ideas

Sarah Deeley Porter is a Bar Method Master Trainer, Trigger Point Pilates Instructor and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, as well as a Pure Energy Connect Presenter! Sarah worked with us to create an exclusive album for the Pure Energy GO Service, called Yoga Flowing Beats. In this post Sarah explains how she structured the album and how … Continued

Group Exercise Music Licence and Cost Guide

To help instructors stay legal and to appreciate the costs associated with using music in group exercise classes, the following graphic breaks down the music options available on Pure Energy website, based on a simple traffic light system indicating whether a music licence is required and how much you pay per class to PPL and/or … Continued

Your music, your choice… or is it?

I’m sure we will all agree that delivering group exercise classes without music would be a very uninspiring affair, and as fitness professionals, who do this job to earn an income, it’s fair to say that music plays a major role in helping you achieve this. Therefore, it’s important that you have the knowledge and … Continued

The new Pure Energy GO App: your questions answered

On Friday we announced the initial details of our brand new Pure Energy Go music service and app. Although we’ll be rolling out the full details of the service in the coming days and weeks, here’s some answers to your questions to help you understand this ground breaking new service for the fitness professional. Is … Continued