The Secret To Soundtracking An Exceptional Barre Class

With over 120,000 new songs uploaded globally each day (including a plethora of ambient tracks) there’s more choice than ever when it comes to soundtracking Barre…

While the abundance of new tracks offers diversity, Barre instructors must choose music specifically crafted for their classes to ensure perfect musical alignment with the intended choreography.

But, why is it so important to choose the right music for Barre?

Barre workout

Top 5 Reasons why Barre instructors should choose expertly-curated music:

  1. Appropriate Tempo: Barre workouts typically involve a combination of high-intensity movements and slower, controlled exercises. When curating music for Barre, the music producers at PURE ENERGY GO carefully select the ideal tempo to match these movements, providing a rhythmic guide for participants. The perfect tempo facilitates proper form and maximises the effectiveness of each exercise.
  2. Energy and Motivation: Music has a profound impact on motivation and energy levels during exercise. Barre music is designed to energise participants and maintain momentum throughout the workout. Upbeat rhythms and dynamic melodies can help individuals push through challenging sequences – enhancing members’ overall performance and enjoyment.
  3. Improved Focus: Barre workouts require a strong mind-body connection. Participants must focus on precise movements and alignment. The right soundtrack can help individuals enter a state of flow, where they are fully immersed in the workout and less distracted by external factors. Music tailored for Barre classes often incorporates soothing melodies and ambient sounds to promote relaxation and concentration.
  4. Variety & Versatility: Barre routines typically involve a variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups. Similarly, music for Barre can feature diverse genres and styles to accommodate varied movements and member preferences. From classical and instrumental tracks to contemporary pop and electronic beats, there’s a wide range of music options available for Barre workouts in the PURE ENERGY GO app – ensuring that every session feels fresh and engaging.
  5. Emotional Connection: Music has the power to evoke emotions and create a sense of connection among members. Music should be curated to resonate with the mood and atmosphere of the workout, fostering a sense of community among class members. Whether it’s a motivational anthem or a serene melody, the right music can elevate the overall experience of a Barre class – leaving members feeling inspired and uplifted.
Barre workout

‘It’s not just music.’

Music made specifically for Barre should be carefully curated to complement the rhythm, energy, and focus required for an effective session.

By incorporating appropriate tempo, energy levels, variety, and emotional resonance, music made specifically for Barre can significantly enhance member experience; helping participants to achieve their fitness goals with greater enjoyment and motivation.

Introducing BARRE ELEMENTS Volume 13 – presented by Ellen Saunders

These piano-led tracks are designed to support your class whilst they Tendu, Plié, Relevé, Battement, Ron da Jambé, Elongate, Extend, Contract, Release and focus on their control.

Barre Elements Volume 13 PURE ENERGY GO Barre music soundtrack

This stunning classical mix will take your Barre class back to its ballet roots!’

Ellen Saunders

Below: Ellen Saunders delivers a Masterclass at IFS 2024.

Discover music expertly curated for Barre in the PURE ENERGY GO app.

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