Revolutionising Fitness: A Model For A Hybrid Approach In Council Facilities

Councils nationwide are embracing innovation in fitness facility music with PURE ENERGY GO.

This article highlights the transformative impact of adopting a hybrid approach, combining expertly curated PURE ENERGY GO tracks with original artist music, in council-run fitness facilities across the UK.

Consistent. Compliant. Cost-saving.

Group of women enjoying dance fitness in a council facility

Organisational Context

Councils manage multiple sites catering to diverse community fitness needs. Traditionally reliant on CDs or instructor-chosen platforms like Spotify (which is for personal, non-commercial use only), Councils seek modernisation in music provision.


PURE ENERGY GO provides a seamless solution by offering ‘Rights Included’ music, alleviating concerns about copyright infringement and associated licence fees. Councils who partner with PURE ENERGY GO can uphold the highest standards of compliance while delivering exceptional experiences for their members.

Music Transformation

The hybrid model, blending PURE ENERGY GO’s ‘Rights Included’ music with original artist tracks, proves dynamic and cost-effective. Most recently, a local council allocated 80% of music to PURE ENERGY GO, preserving 20% for specific programs (such as Aqua) that required original artist tracks.

Impact On Operations

This shift yields substantial financial savings, liberating councils from significant PRS/PPL fees. The local council example above experienced a huge reduction in annual music expenses – from £54,733 to £17,524 – enabling reallocation of resources to wellness programs.

Adoption & Training

Successful implementation is aided by comprehensive training. PURE ENERGY GO offers tailored sessions for managers and instructors, ensuring seamless integration and fostering confidence within the service.

Outcome & Future Outlook

When councils adopt a hybrid approach to music, they revolutionise their fitness offerings whilst executing strategic innovation in enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience.

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