The new Pure Energy GO App: your questions answered

On Friday we announced the initial details of our brand new Pure Energy Go music service and app. Although we’ll be rolling out the full details of the service in the coming days and weeks, here’s some answers to your questions to help you understand this ground breaking new service for the fitness professional. Is … Continued

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Top 5 albums for Barre classes – By Nikkie Hawkins-Riozzi

I absolutely love teaching Barre! I teach it in many different ways to different styles of music as I like to change things up. With the great selection of Pure Energy GO releases, I’ve really got my creative flow and found lots of things I can do to keep the Barre workout fresh and my … Continued

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On demand music for fitness; the all new Pure Energy Go music app

Launching the week of October the 18th, a brand new music service and app for fitness professionals and gym operators who want high-quality fitness music without the associated licence costs. Pure Energy GO provides unlimited access to incredible new music from top producers and artists, accessed via a user friendly app with all the features … Continued

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A Breakdown of the Protocols in HiiT 20

In this blog post we give you a complete breakdown of each protocol featured on the interval training music download HiiT 20. This includes the BPMs, running times, number of exercises and rounds and the work/rest times for each exercise in each round. HiiT 20 contains licence free music for HiiT taken from the Pure Energy GO catalogue, so … Continued