The Perfect Soundtrack For Every Exercise

PURE ENERGY GO is an exclusive music service for instructors and gym owners who want access to the highest quality ‘all rights included’ (licence-free) fitness music. We are the original and leading fitness music provider, supplying all aspects of the industry with innovative music solutions since 1992.

The PURE ENERGY GO team consists of world-renowned fitness professionals and leading music producers who combine their skills and knowledge to ensure that every release is crafted to perfection.

The PURE ENERGY GO app was designed specifically for fitness operators and instructors; it is optimised for the fitness industry, enabling music discovery for specific disciplines.

PURE ENERGY GO music can be played within online fitness classes, whether during live streaming or within videos, with no risk of being muted or taken down. There are no PPL & PRS licensing costs to pay when you use PURE ENERGY GO music.

Licensed Music

If you require ‘Original Artist’ music featuring well-known artists and songs, you’ll find everything you need at MX Fit.

Please note that you must have the correct PPL & PRS licenses in place to legally play copyrighted music within fitness facilities.