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PURE ENERGY GO is a music service for the fitness industry.
Enjoy expertly curated, tailor-made music for fitness.
Save up to 90% of your gym’s annual music costs.

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PURE ENERGY GO is a music service for the fitness industry. Our team of accomplished music producers and fitness professionals create music specifically designed to optimise workouts.
Our music is ‘All Rights Included’.
No more expensive licence fees.
100% compliance.

PURE ENERGY GO composes and produces all of the music you can listen to on our app. We own and control all rights to the recordings. There are no licence fees to pay.

PURE ENERGY GO music is licence free with all rights included therefore there are no additional fees to pay. It can be used in physical classes and online sessions on all platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and Podcasts without being muted or taken down. You can also use Pure Energy GO albums for live streaming and pre-recorded videos.

Occasionally algorithms may mistake a small section of music for another track that is subject to licensing restrictions. If part of your video is muted on Facebook or YouTube when you are playing Pure Energy GO (licence free) music then you should dispute the claim, you will be offered the option to do this by the relevant platform.

If you are playing Pure Energy PLUS (PPL-free) or original artist music, you have been muted because you are using music that is subject to copyright which is not permitted for use online.

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other similar music streaming services are for personal use only and cannot be used commercially in gyms for background music or fitness classes. Their terms and conditions clearly exclude commercial use and you should check that your staff, including any freelance instructors, are not using these services as the responsibility and potential financial repercussions sit firmly with the gym where they’re being used.