Keep The Pure Energy GO App Running Smoothly

The Pure Energy GO Subscription Service is delivered via a state of the art App, giving users to acccess the entire Pure Energy GO fitness music catalogue with features such as a playlist builder and pitch control. But, as with all technology, there are times when the App needs a bit of attention to keep … Continued

Sarah Deeley Porter in a yoga pose in front of a buddha statue

Yoga Flowing Beats – Class Ideas

Sarah Deeley Porter is a Bar Method Master Trainer, Trigger Point Pilates Instructor and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, as well as a Pure Energy Connect Presenter! Sarah worked with us to create an exclusive album for the Pure Energy GO Service, called Yoga Flowing Beats. In this post Sarah explains how she structured the album and how … Continued

woman teaching fitness at home online in front of a camera

Tips for Teaching Online Fitness Classes

As a result of restrictions against the spread of COVID 19, many fitness instructors have had to turn to online teaching in order to continue their classes. We’ve reached out to our database of over 2000 fitness professionals who are now presenting virtual workouts to share their tips for teaching online fitness classes. Here’s some … Continued