How Expertly Curated Music Transforms Fitness

The right soundtrack can elevate your workout experience, transforming it from mundane to motivating.  But can fitness instructors cater to the diverse musical preferences of all of their members?

PURE ENERGY GO provides the perfect soundtrack for every exercise.

Music Makes or Breaks a Workout

As Joel Snape recently noted in The Guardian, ‘Anyone who’s ever hefted a dumbbell or laced up a running shoe understands that music makes the process more enjoyable.’

PURE ENERGY GO takes this concept to the next level by providing expertly curated soundtracks that enhance physical performance and mental well-being.

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Tailoring The Soundtracks

The fitness and music team behind PURE ENERGY GO meticulously craft music for specific fitness disciplines like HIIT, yoga, studio cycling, and dance.

Each track matches the workout’s energy and progression, enhancing member performance and enjoyment.

Dr. Matthew Stork, a research scientist who studies the effects of music on training, explains that during a workout ‘your muscles are sore, your heart rate’s going up, you’re sweating, and so on. Music shifts your attentional focus away from those things, reducing your perceived exertion.’

The right soundtrack can make all the difference – but how can a soundtrack be ‘right’ for all members?

The Neutrality of Music

Popular music can be a double-edged sword in a fitness environment.

While some people find certain songs motivating, others might have a negative reaction to the same track.

Dr. Christopher Ballman, associate professor of kinesiology at the University of Alabama, highlights that various audio formats can help individuals dissociate from discomfort and perform better. However, he also notes that ‘If the music played over the speakers is not preferred by the individual giving effort, performance may suffer.’

PURE ENERGY GO takes an innovative approach to music commissioning; producing high-quality soundtracks that incorporate elements from specific music genres into carefully crafted arrangements — without going to extreme ends of the music genre spectrum.

The resulting music keeps participants focused on their fitness journey rather than on any memories (positive or negative) associated with the music.

By focusing on the importance of the neutrality of music in fitness environments, PURE ENERGY GO delivers science-backed soundtracks designed to fuel fitness — without polarising members.

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An Example Of A Science-Backed Series:

Designed to promote mindfulness & wellbeing, the PURE ENERGY GO ‘Bathed In Sound’ albums incorporate ‘Healing Solfeggio Frequencies’ (such as 174, 369 and 432 Hz). These frequencies are deeply grounding, and found to have pain reducing properties.

‘Research suggests that Healing Solfeggio Frequencies can stimulate the release of endorphins; natural painkillers produced by our bodies.’ — Aura Health Team. (2023).

PURE ENERGY GO Bathed In Sound Album with Healing Frequencies

Results from a recent study around the effects of Healing Solfeggio Frequencies determined that ‘music and sound is useful for enhancing therapies to transform the brain and relieve mental, emotional, and physical suffering.’ — Joseph, Sonya. (2019).

Through incorporating binaural beats (auditory illusions created when two slightly different frequencies are played), the ‘Bathed In Sound’ albums offer an even more intensely immersive experience for listeners, inducing a state of pure relaxation and focus.

Enhancing Member Experience Through Expert Curation

Aligning music to specific workout profiles helps members to achieve their fitness goals. This concept underpins PURE ENERGY GO’s mission to create the perfect soundtrack for every exercise.

While conventional ‘hits’ lack efficacy, PURE ENERGY GO has pioneered a groundbreaking, science-backed methodology for crafting the perfect soundtrack for every exercise.

PURE ENERGY GO music curation for fitness

Each release is carefully designed by a team of leading music producers and fitness professionals to support a specific discipline.

Jo Hancock (Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach at Everyone Active Harpenden) noted that the ‘best studio cycling session I’ve ever done!’ was soundtracked by a musical collaboration between award-winning fitness equipment supplier Keiser and PURE ENERGY GO.

It’s clear that when instructors use music designed to support specific disciplines, members feel a significant difference. A perfectly soundtracked workout contributes to higher satisfaction and retention rates.

Cost-Effective and Rights-Included

By using science-backed, ‘Rights Included’ music, instructors wield unprecedented control over member experience.

Members are encouraged to push harder, enjoy more, and keep coming back, all through the expertly curated music that soundtracks their session.

PURE ENERGY GO enables instructors to deliver exceptional classes, whilst streamlining compliance, maintaining consistency, and driving cost-savings (of up to 90%) for operators.



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