Unveiling ‘CORE’: A Versatile Album Born From Instructor Feedback

Fitness instructor requests have sparked a music revolution

The PURE ENERGY GO team is thrilled to introduce new music programme ‘CORE’ – the ultimate freestyle fitness mix.

Core Music Mix For Fitness Instructors

Designed by instructors, for instructors.

’CORE was inspired by instructor feedback that 40-minute mixes

would better serve their fitness classes.

Now fitness environments have a programme of music which

perfectly soundtracks their core classes, and instructors can decide

whether or not they’d like to end their session with a cool down track.

It’s a way to personalise the class without interrupting the flow of teaching.’

Nikkie Riozzi (Label Manager & Master Trainer @ PURE ENERGY GO)

Core Music Mix For Dance Fitness Instructors

Let’s dive into what makes ‘CORE’ the game-changing programme you’ve been waiting for.

You asked for a programme of 40-minute mixes, tailor-made for fitness, and meticulously crafted to keep your participants engaged.

That’s exactly what ‘CORE’ brings to the table, now available exclusively on the PURE ENERGY GO app.

Music For Fitness

Here’s why ‘CORE’ is positioned to transform your fitness sessions:

1 — Variety Tailored to You

We’ve listened to your feedback, and each volume of ‘CORE’ features a 40-minute mix incorporating a different genre of music. Whether you’re into Pop and Hip-Hop or House and Trance, ‘CORE’ has you covered.

2 — Flexibility at Your Fingertips

With a BPM range of 125-135, ‘CORE’ adapts seamlessly to any fitness class – from Legs, Bums & Tums to Step and Dance… It’s the ultimate versatile companion for your workouts.

3 — Effortless Integration

Say goodbye to playlist headaches. ‘CORE’ lets you create custom playlists effortlessly. Simply create a new playlist, add a ‘CORE’ mix, and add a final track for the cool down/stretch section of your class. Instructors can hit play to focus on delivering an exceptional class, without missing a beat.

Instructor Tip

1 — Go to the yellow ‘Body Conditioning’ area of your app to explore the ‘CORE’ range.

Volumes 01 – 05 are out now!


2 — Go to the purple ‘Mind Body’ section of your PURE ENERGY GO app.

Here you’ll find the perfect soundtrack for a calming cool down/stretch finish to your class.

Numerous studies have highlighted the positive impact of music on exercise performance, from boosting motivation to reducing perceived exertion (Karageorghis & Priest, 2012).

The music you choose to soundtrack your class has a significant effect on your members. And, as Shaun T famously said, “Music is the perfect partner to exercise – it can help push you further and motivate you to reach your fitness goals.” With ‘CORE,’ those goals are within reach.

Members who have a great experience = happy members.

Happy members = recommendations.

Recommendations = more members!

Ready to elevate your fitness classes with ‘CORE’?

Dive into the PURE ENERGY GO app today and experience the difference for yourself.

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