Enhance your Studio Cycling with PURE ENERGY GO and Keiser

PURE ENERGY GO is excited to introduce a powerful series of soundtracks designed to enhance your studio cycling sessions:

New music programme ‘Keiser Presents: The Ride’ is optimised for studio cycling, and kicks off with three new album formats – ‘Race’, ‘Rhythm’, and ‘Rush’.

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About The Ride by Keiser

‘The Ride’ is Keiser’s on demand cycle platform.

‘The Ride Studio’ is Keiser’s commercial club offering.

On the PURE ENERGY GO app, the music within the ‘Keiser Presents: The Ride’ programme consists of a mixture of genres and BPMs. Each musical arrangement is designed to guide the intensity of your studio cycling workout.

‘Keiser are excited to be working in collaboration with PURE ENERGY GO, to create a ‘best in class’ indoor cycling experience. PURE ENERGY GO’s extensive database of uplifting music works perfectly with Keiser’s ‘Ride by Colour’ concept, to create industry leading, engaging, and immersive indoor cycling classes.’

Garry Spreadborough (UK Sales Director @ Keiser)

The Music

‘The Ride: Race’ is a 45-minute workout, for riders who love to build power and strength. This class is ideal for indoor and outdoor cycling enthusiasts who want to push their potential whilst training in their correct intensity zones (keep reading for guidance on how to find your personal intensity zones).

‘The Ride: Rhythm’ is a 45-minute workout, perfect for riders who love to connect with the beat of the music. In these classes, motivation takes the lead as riders lift, move and groove to beats that support the pace of their ride.

‘The Ride: Rush’ is for riders looking for a 30-minute, challenging and inspiring workout. Rush classes are HIIT-focused (high intensity interval training) and created to provide an intense workout over a shorter period of time.

Keiser’s ‘RIDE BY COLOUR’ Training Philosophy

The training philosophy behind ‘The Ride’ revolves around three core methodologies: RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), Heart Rate Training, and Power Training. These methods are finely tuned to five distinct training zones, each represented by a specific colour in Keiser’s ‘RIDE BY COLOUR’ system:

Zone 1 (Grey) – Very easy, used for recovery and cool down.

Zone 2 (Blue) – Easy, used for warm-up and active recovery.

Zone 3 (Green) – Moderate, limited conversation possible, heart rate begins to rise.

Zone 4 (Orange) – Hard, short yes/no answers only, high heart rate and heavy legs.

Zone 5 (Red) – Very hard, total focus needed, very high heart rate and quickly tiring legs.

Work Out Your Metrics

Keiser instructors focus on intensity rather than specific gears, allowing each rider to adjust according to their own effort levels. This approach ensures that every rider, regardless of their fitness level, can maximise their workout when exercising to ‘Keiser Presents: The Ride’ soundtracks, by focusing on their Functional Threshold Power, RPE, and Heart Rate.

To get the most out of ‘The Ride’, work out your Functional Threshold Power, RPE and max Heart Rate.

Experience ‘The Ride’ with PURE ENERGY GO and Keiser

Whether you’re aiming to improve endurance, build strength, or just enjoy a dynamic cycling session, ‘Keiser Presents: The Ride’ soundtracks are here to power your journey.

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