The Ride by Keiser studio cycling music

Enhance your Studio Cycling with PURE ENERGY GO and Keiser

PURE ENERGY GO is excited to introduce a powerful series of soundtracks designed to enhance your studio cycling sessions: New music programme ‘Keiser Presents: The Ride’ is optimised for studio cycling, and kicks off with three new album formats – ‘Race’, ‘Rhythm’, and ‘Rush’. (Not subscribed? Click here to start your 14-day free trial) About … Continued

Music For Dance Fitness Instructors Choreography

Mastering Dance Fitness Choreography: Tips for Instructors

Are you ready to take your dance fitness classes to the next level? PURE ENERGY GO’s Label Manager and Dance Instructor Nikkie Riozzi, has shared exclusive insights and recommended protocols for GO DANCE Volume 2, an album designed to empower instructors like you to optimise your members’ experience. ‘The latest volume of GO DANCE is … Continued

Dance Fitness Music For Choreography

Unveiling ‘CORE’: A Versatile Album Born From Instructor Feedback

Fitness instructor requests have sparked a music revolution The PURE ENERGY GO team is thrilled to introduce new music programme ‘CORE’ – the ultimate freestyle fitness mix. Designed by instructors, for instructors. ’CORE was inspired by instructor feedback that 40-minute mixes would better serve their fitness classes. Now fitness environments have a programme of music … Continued

Bathed In Sound - Sound Bath for Yoga, Flow, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa

Music For Mind Body: Harmonising with Nature Through Healing Music

Let’s delve into the profound realm of healing frequencies and the transformative power of music. Music has an incredible capacity to heal and rejuvenate – but how can Mind Body fitness instructors soundtrack their sessions with music that resonates in the right way? Music As Medicine Enter ‘Bathed In Sound 174Hz Revive & Thrive’, an … Continued