Exercise to music. Just press play, right?

There are two key factors to consider when playing music in a gym, studio or exercise class: quality and compliance. When you press play, is the music you’ve chosen going to optimise the experience of your members, whether they are just walking through the door, working out on the gym floor or participating in a … Continued

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Why Does My Facebook Live Video Get Muted?

In recent months, many fitness instructors have taken their classes online, delivering sessions on conferencing platforms such as Zoom, and also via Facebook Live. However, many instructors are finding that their videos are being partially or entirely muted by Facebook. In more extreme circumstances, the videos are taken down from their social media accounts. This … Continued

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Do I Need A PPL or PRS Licence For My Fitness Classes?

Music licensing is a complex issue and therefore it’s no surprise when things become very confusing, so in order to help you navigate through and understand more about how music licensing works then carry on reading… Why is Music Licensing so complicated and confusing? The first thing to understand is that there are two components … Continued