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The exclusive music streaming service for the fitness industry.

The cost of using music in group exercise classes and throughout an operator’s facility is expensive and laden with red tape due to how PPL and PRS regulate the use of their members rights. In addition to this there is also a great deal of uncertainty, misinformation and misunderstanding with regard to music licensing and fitness, until now!

Pure Energy GO is the world’s first digital service provider (DSP) where the music industry and the fitness industry are working together to provide a complete solution for gym operators and fitness professionals. 100% compliant, quality new music, affordable and flexible.


Independent gyms, leisure, fitness & health club chains

  • Quality and Flexibility

    Our operator membership is designed to provide your facility (or chain) with a music solution to greatly reduce your costs whilst not compromising the quality of the music in your classes. Our membership tiers are based on your timetable of group exercise classes, not how many instructors you would like registered to your account, so choose the option that best suits your needs.

  • No PPL or PRS Costs to Pay

    Your Pure Energy GO membership comes with all rights included so you can use our GO catalogue of music for online streaming or in physical classes with no PPL and PRS fees to pay. For video production and distribution please contact us to discuss our corporate online video synchronisation licence.

  • A Total Music Solution

    In addition we also offer a gym floor package to cover your background music needs, providing you with a total music solution for your facility. This is again a hassle free, cost effective solution, removing all PPL and PRS on-costs, so you are compliant and have a quality music service.

image of 2 smart phones showing the Pure Energy GO gym music app


GO 150

(Up to 150 classes a month)
£50 + VAT per month

GO 250

(up to 250 classes a month)
£80 + VAT per month

GO 350

(350 classes a month)
£100 + VAT per month

GO 150 Plus

(Up to 150 classes a month)

Includes Background Music

£75 + VAT per month

GO 250 Plus

(Up to 250 classes a month)

Includes Background Music

£105 + VAT per month

GO 350 Plus

(350 classes a month)

Includes Background Music

£125 + VAT per month

Gym Floor 1

(One device streaming)

Background only

£35 plus vat

Gym Floor 2

(Two devices streaming)

Background only

£50 plus vat

Gym Floor 3

(Three devices streaming)

Background only

£65 plus vat

Group Licence Request

Please fill in your details and one of our Group Membership Account Managers will be in touch to discuss your requirements!

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Help Centre

Find the answers to common questions relating to gym operators’ memberships.

If you have any more questions about anything, why not talk to our team.

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Yes we offer a licence to cover you for gym floor only. Prices are dependent on how many devices you wish to stream from, not how many rooms you stream into. Please be aware that you cannot use this licence for your group exercise classes, although your can combine a gym floor licence with your group exercise licence, which works out cheaper.

While ever you have an active subscription with Pure Energy GO you are on our register of approved gyms which is made available to PPL/PRS to prove you are covered.

Pure Energy GO is a fitness music service from Pure Energy working in partnership with record producers, musicians, artists and DJs to create a solution with all rights included. This means no PPL & PRS fees, you can play online, stream on all social media channels, no muting on Facebook or copyright issues to worry about, all rights are included.

For comparison, a gym with a timetable of 200 exercise to music classes a month using copyrighted music will pay just short of £10k a year (inc VAT). The cost of our GO250 licence is £1056.00 a year (inc VAT) which is a saving of almost 90%! There are NO PPL & PRS licence fees to pay, the more classes you run the more money you save.

The cost of our Group Music Licence varies depending on how many classes per month you teach in your gym. We have 3 subscription levels, GO150 up to 150 classes per month £50+VAT pm (£60 inc VAT), GO250 151 to 250 classes per month £80+VAT pm (£96 inc VAT) and GO350 over 250 classes per month £100+VAT pm (£120 inc VAT).

What gym owners are saying

Feedback from just a few of the gym and club operators who have made the switch to Pure Energy GO.

Pure Energy GO has allowed us to deliver on creating an epic gym atmosphere for a fraction of the cost of PPL/PRS. I would recommend every gym owner to trial it in their clubs, and see what value it can offer.

Gary Kellaway - Dream Fitness

“After being faced with a large PPL/PRS renewal, we removed all copyrighted music and switched to the Pure Energy GO service in November 2021. Not only has it had a significant impact on my bottom line but also greatly enhanced our classes experiences. So much so that members are using Shazam to identify the music”.

Chris Templeman - Crosstraining Clitheroe

The team and I have been blown-away by the quality of the copyright cleared music. We worked with five experienced instructors from the London fitness scene, who will now be telling their pals about Pure Energy GO.

Antony Stewart- Digital Fitness Director - Europe