Gym music. Just press play, right?

Quality and compliance are crucial when choosing gym music.

Will your selected tracks enhance the experience for members, whether they’re entering the reception, working out on the gym floor, or in a group exercise class?

As a gym owner, do you know the source and licensing of your music?

Music shapes the atmosphere of any exercise class, so it’s essential to ensure your gym music is curated for impact and legally licensed.

Group exercise workout music

Compliance is Crucial

Finding the right gym music is crucial for fitness professionals. It must be high-quality and properly licenced. Music licensing laws apply everywhere, including gyms and fitness classes, both in person and online.

Do you play original artist (commercial) music in weight rooms, spas, or fitness classes (aerobics, resistance, aqua, pilates)? If yes, you need a music licence.

Group exercise music prs ppl

Are you aware of where your gym music comes from? The fitness industry often refers to music as ‘original artist,’ ‘PPL free,’ or ‘licence free,’ but many overlook the required licences:

  • Instructor-led classes: Require a ‘bolt-on licence,’ not just a ‘core licence’ for background music.
  • Original Artist (Commercial Music): Requires PPL and PRS licences.
  • PPL Free (Cover Versions): Requires PRS licence.
  • Rights Included (Music from specific companies): No licence required.

Licence Costs

  • PPL Licence: £2.14 + VAT per class
  • PRS Licence: £2.18 + VAT per class
  • Total (PPL + PRS): £4.32 + VAT per class

Non-compliance is not an option. Consider a Hybrid Approach to save on music licensing costs:


Music is a powerful tool for any business. Background music enhances the experience, whether it’s coffee at a cafe, a film trailer, or a fitness class. The right music makes the product better.

Studio cycling music

Countless studies and journals have researched and documented the benefits of exercising to music, but you double down on these benefits when you find the right music.

Well-produced music that is tailored to specific exercise disciplines can significantly enhance the workout experience for participants, whether that is music with the right frequencies for a Yoga session or a track with the right tone, key and intensity to power you up a hill climb in a Studio Cycling class. Using professionally curated mixed programmes in the gym can motivate members, create a sense of energy and excitement, and make workouts more enjoyable and less monotonous. Additionally, coaches are in gyms to coach and not to DJ, and quite often, they may play inappropriate music for a particular exercise session.

Gym music app

PURE ENERGY GO delivers expertly-curated, programme-led music for the fitness industry.

Our team of leading music producers and experienced fitness professionals collaborate to design the perfect soundtrack for every exercise. PURE ENERGY GO’s library of dynamic soundtracks is delivered via an easy-to-use app that categorises the music by discipline, zone, and mood.

Instructors benefit from innovative features like the BPM Controller, Interval Timer and Recommended Protocols – empowering them to deliver exceptional experiences for members. Operators enjoy the attentive support of a dedicated account manager for seamless communication and measurable outcomes tracking.

PURE ENERGY GO’s comprehensive catalogue of high-quality, ‘Rights Included’ music enables instructors to deliver unparalleled experiences, whilst streamlining compliance, maintaining consistency, and driving cost-savings for operators.

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