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Sarah Deeley Porter is a Bar Method Master Trainer, Trigger Point Pilates Instructor and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, as well as a Pure Energy Connect Presenter! Sarah worked with us to create an exclusive album for the Pure Energy GO Service, called Yoga Flowing Beats. In this post Sarah explains how she structured the album and how she uses it in class.

“Yoga Flowing Beats begins with a stunning track from Anahata Flow, one of my favourite albums for Mindfulness classes. It then moves into a slight beat with the beautiful Stardust from the Vinyasa Flow album. These two starting tracks really help to bring the mind to a perfect place for practice. 

This is a great time to set the intention for class and focus on the breath. Pure Energy’s Mind Body Beats  albums are the absolute jam and so I chose various tracks from various albums to pack the main “meat” of the class. I chose my favourite songs from The Trip to Goa, Chill Hop, and Mind Body Fusion 1.

We start to slow it down towards the end of the hour with Oxygen from The Trip to Ibiza and then end with the gorgeous Full Moon from Lunar Mandala, which is the perfect song for Sivasana and a final relaxation/meditation”

sarah deeley porter flowing yoga beats album cover
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Watch the video to see Sarah presenting a Trigger Point Pilates class using Yoga Flowing Beats:

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