Mind Body Music Recommendations

Mind Body Music Recommendations

Sarah Deeley Porter is a Bar Method Master Trainer, Trigger Point Pilates Instructor and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.

We caught up with Sarah to get her recommendations for Mind Body music mixes from the Pure Energy GO range.

Mind Body Beats 5 – Balearic Sunset Mix

“I want to give a huge shoutout to two of my favourite Pure Energy GO mixes. The first is the Balearic Sunset Mix. This album is so groovy! I don’t know about you guys but I want my workouts to be fun, so moving to music that makes me smile and bop is a HUGE priority.

Mind Body Beats 5 kicks in with a fabulous club-type feel. I spent a year in Ibiza back in my hey-day and so this album resonates with me. It has a laidback and chill, yet total dancey, vibe. I love to use this mix for both barre and yoga classes.

The BPM is perfect for the classes I teach”. 

Anahata Flow – Sound Bath

“My second and new fave is the Anahata Flow mix. I can’t stop listening to it! It is the epitome of a delightful sound bath, complete with tinkling wind chimes, chanting, singing bowls, and other relaxing sounds.

I love to mix this with the Balearic Sunset Mix when teaching yoga. It makes for a beautiful entrance to class with mindful breathing and intention-setting. Then to conclude the practice with a thoughtful savasana and/or guided meditation. It is also completely perfect to use when teaching Trigger Point Pilates.

You can’t help but feel Zen and happy after hearing this album”. 

“Thank you Pure Energy GO for the amazing tunes! I’m excited to hear what you produce next!”

Both of the Mind Body music albums recommended by Sarah are Licence Free, meaning you can use them online, or in any venue or outdoors, with no licence fees to pay.

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