Perfect Music For Yoga – 3 Recommended Albums

Fitness expert Jane Wake gives her top 3 “go to” albums when using music for Yoga and other mind-body classes.

Jane Wake has been voted No.1 fitness expert by The Independent in 2003 is now the most recognised fitness expert in the UK!

With an impressive background in sports science, exercise and personal training spanning of over 30 years, there isn’t much Jane doesn’t know when it comes to fitness.

Jane has given us her recommendations when it comes to music for Yoga, along with Pilates and “relaxation” classes.

When the lovely Pure Energy Team asked me to talk about my favourite Mind and Body series album.. I froze!

How on earth was I supposed to pick just one album?!

I love that I can just go to my library on the Pure Energy GO app, quickly scroll down and pick any music for yoga album and I just know it’s going to go down well in my class.

The selection of albums I love is so wide, but I have chosen my top 3!

Mind Body Music Recommendation 1 – Mind Body Beats 3 Balearic Edition

This was one of my earliest collaborations with Pure Energy and beautifully produced by Amadeus Mozart.

Inspired by The Balearic Islands and the popular Dance and Mind Body scene.

The mix starts with a 10 minute mindfulness section which allows you to set the mood and intention for the class, breath work, alignment and mindset. The warm up track is just divine and I love this soft start and gentle build up.

The track then slowly climbs as you build your exercises, sequences and flows gently rising and culminating in your final sequence.

For the final 5 minutes the music ebbs away for a final stretch and relaxation.

Mind Body Music Recommendation 2 – Ibiza Sunrise

My second collaboration but this time with producer Paul Chambers. Going for a stronger feel this time.

At a constant tempo, it’s perfect for flowing sequences and dynamic moves.

My aim in creating this album was for the music to match your instructor skills and for the music to make you, as an instructor, want to progress yourself.

The beat builds to 120 BPM then stays there right to the end without dropping down until a cool down track.

It’s perfect for Mind Body Flow classes where you can spend time teaching at the beginning then get into the flow and keep it flowing.

It also works perfectly for any class where you want that break down then performance at the end.

Mind Body Music Recommendation 3 – Mind Body Chill Volume 3

Another Paul Chambers masterpiece. This time a beautiful mix of gentle piano music.

A breathtakingly beautiful mix to accompany my Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness classes.

Containing influences of Einaudi, it takes you on a melodic journey and transports you and your class members to a place of tranquility.

It’s perfect for my softer classes and if you need a calm down, put it on repeat and feel the stress subside.

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