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Meditation, Yoga, Mind Body
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Hannah Rose
Pure Energy

Anahata Flow – Sound Bath

Meditation, Yoga, Mind Body

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Anahata Flow by Hannah Rose is a sound bath experience created with a Yoga class in mind – arriving on the mat, deep breathing, flowing movements, balancing poses and then returning to shavasana and meditation at the end of the hour.

A sound bath is a meditative experience using beautiful, sacred, acoustic instruments such as Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Koshi Chimes, voice and the celtic harp. It is called a sound bath because you will feel ‘bathed’ in the harmonious and healing frequencies and vibrations!

Anahata Flow – Sound Bath is a journey through the elements of air, water and earth… If Yoga isn’t your thing, this album can also be listened to as a meditation… so close your eyes, relax and drift on the waves of these beautiful sounds. Click here to watch a video by Anahata Flow creator, Hannah Rose.

Anahata Flow is licence free Yoga music, meaning you don’t need a PRS or PPL licence to play it in any venue, outdoors, or online. The 60 minute mix downloads as one continuous file allowing for gapless playback, along with the 3 individual standalone tracks.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTimePrice 
1 AirHannah Rosen/a21:25£2.99Add to basket
2 WaterHannah Rosen/a20:12£2.99Add to basket
3 EarthHannah Rosen/a19:13£2.99Add to basket
4 Anahata Flow - Sound Bath (Continuous Mix)Hannah Rosen/a59:20£9.99Add to basket
Hannah Rose
0:00 / 21:25
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