Unleashing Member Potential with ‘HIIT The Breaks: Ceri Hannan’

Ready to take your HIIT class to the next level?

Picture this…

Your members – powering through their HIIT class with unparalleled energy and focus.

Your whole class – in the zone, pushing their limits, and maximising every movement.

Your protocol – propelled by the pulsating beats of an expertly curated soundtrack.

Enter ‘HIIT The Breaks: Ceri Hannan’ – the ultimate companion for your Speed, Agility, and Quickness sessions.

It’s no secret that music can have a profound impact on exercise performance.

‘HIIT The Breaks’ harnesses this power to elevate the workout experience.

Research by Stork et al. (2020) highlighted the importance of music tempo in optimising HIIT workouts.

By selecting tracks with a BPM (beats per minute) that matches the intensity of the exercise intervals, it’s possible to effectively regulate the pace of a high intensity interval training class and maintain optimal performance throughout the session.

With ‘HIIT The Breaks’, each beat is meticulously crafted to synchronise with the rhythm of the exercise; enhancing member performance.

This isn’t just music – it’s a catalyst for greatness.

‘HIIT The Breaks’ has been expertly curated by Ceri Hannan

(Head of Product @ Planet Fitness South Africa, Co-Director @ Chrysalis Promotions and Global Brand Ambassador @ PURE ENERGY GO)

As a renowned expert in the field, Hannan understands the importance of music in optimising athletic performance.

That’s why he crafted this Drum & Bass album with one goal in mind: to supercharge your HIIT workouts.

But what exactly makes ‘HIIT The Breaks’ the Swiss Army Knife of all albums?

It’s simple – versatility.

Whether you’re smashing out sprints, mastering agility drills, or honing your quickness, this album has got you covered.

Each track is carefully tailored to complement every aspect of your high intensity interval training routine, ensuring your members stay motivated and engaged from start to finish.

‘This release is specifically designed for & indeed perfect for

a Speed, Agility & Quickness session!’

Ceri Hannan

With ‘HIIT The Breaks’, you’re not just exercising – you’re embarking on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

So, go ahead, HIIT the play button and unleash your full potential.

Listen to ‘HIIT The Breaks: Ceri Hannan’ on the PURE ENERGY GO music streaming app.

Purchase ‘HIIT The Breaks’ as an MP3 Download here.



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