How Can Music Enhance Well-being?

Instantly transform your studio into a tranquil amphitheater — through thoughtfully curated music designed to inspire and engage members.

A recent overview of research into music and stress suggests that listening to music can result in:

  • Lower cortisol level
  • Lower heart rate
  • Endorphin release 
  • Improved sense of well-being

How can wellness spaces refine their music selections to cultivate these calming benefits?

In a study from the Journal of Music Therapy, participants engaging in guided relaxation exercises with music experienced a 25% reduction in stress levels. This empirical evidence underscores the instrumental role of music in creating a serene atmosphere – offering a powerful antidote to the stresses of everyday life.

Through a deliberate fusion of scientific understanding and artistic expertise, each track released on the PURE ENERGY GO app goes beyond mere entertainment, becoming a therapeutic tool that resonates with the rhythms of both body and mind.

Unveiling ‘Beach Opera’: A Symphony of Serenity and Strength

‘Beach Opera’, released TODAY on the PURE ENERGY GO app, is a reimagined voyage into the realms of Balearic Beats, Classical, and Orchestral music – an album meticulously curated by music producer Dom Sutton and Label Manager (and fitness expert) Nikkie Riozzi. This release has been specifically designed to promote wellness, encouraging a state of focus and relaxation during Pilates, Yoga, and Barre fitness classes. 

When we were all locked down, not allowed to go out… I just wanted to recreate the feeling of laying on beach, beer in hand, when you’re relaxing and the soft breeze and the heat of Ibiza is washing over you.’

— Amadeus Mozart

‘The original version of Beach Opera was just a single track, that I produced in the Summer of 2020.’ says Amadeus, ‘My inspiration for that track came from my memories of when I used to play and DJ in Ibiza. And now, the PURE ENERGY GO team have done a fantastic job by turning it into something new and fresh.’

A Thoughtful Composition

The ‘Beach Opera’ album is the perfect soundtrack to any Mind Body session: ‘The movement in the music makes you want to move.’ says Nikkie. ‘As the beats kick in, ‘Beach Opera’ transports listeners from the tranquil poolside to the vibrant energy of a beach party.’ 

The mix, curated by Dom Sutton, serves as more than just background music – it’s a deliberate journey designed to inspire a positive mindset, encourage focus, and synchronise seamlessly with the ebb and flow of Fitness Pilates, Yoga and Barre choreography.

‘My style of piano composition has always been meditative and rather laid back. The tracks within the album towards the beginning and the end that rely more heavily on the keys are purposefully lower energy, whereas the tracks that are more built up and full of textures are designed for higher energy periods of the fitness class.’

— Dom Sutton

‘The way that Dom has introduced the sounds of the ocean gives it a poetic finish’, says Nikkie.

The final track incorporates the natural sounds of the Balearic ocean to stimulate a reflective mindset – a unique touch that sets ‘Beach Opera’ apart from other PURE ENERGY GO releases.

Statistics Speak Volumes: The Impact of Music on Relaxation

Research consistently highlights the profound impact of music on relaxation and overall well-being.

A report from the American Psychological Association emphasises the therapeutic benefits of music – citing its ability to reduce anxiety and elevate mood. The carefully chosen melodies and soundscapes in ‘Beach Opera’ align with these findings, creating an immersive experience that extends beyond physical exertion.

As the beats synchronize with the peaks and rests of fitness choreography, ‘Beach Opera’ transforms each session into a holistic journey that engages the mind, and propels the body through rhythmic cadence, resulting in a complete mind-body connection.

Structuring Your Class Soundtracked by ‘Beach Opera’

Nikkie advises on how to structure a fitness class when playing ‘Beach Opera’:

‘You’ll start your class with a very calm track that gives you time to set the intentions and let members know what is going to be happening. During this track, explain to your class how they should hold their body, how they should breathe and what they can expect during the class.

After the first track, when you have established a focused mindset, the beat will guide your class and encourage them to move along with the movements of the various musical elements.

It’s a flow concept, so it’ll be something that you would use either a continual base movement or flowing from one technique into the other without too much of a rest.’

— Nikkie Riozzi

Concluding the Journey

As the 42-minute mark approaches, ‘Beach Opera’ draws the curtain on a powerful Mind Body experience. The penultimate track introduces subtle melodies, inviting class participants to recover and embrace a moment of rest.

In the world of fitness and wellbeing, the importance of reflection and recovery cannot be overstated.

‘Beach Opera’ recognises this need, concluding its symphony with the soothing sounds of the Balearic ocean. The final track serves as an invitation to pause, reflect, and celebrate the strength discovered through the journey.

This album is a testament to the transformative power of music.

With its seamless blend of genres, purposeful composition, and a nod to the therapeutic qualities of music, it stands as a beacon of inspiration for fitness enthusiasts who seek a harmonious balance between strength and serenity.

Listen To ‘Beach Opera’ on the PURE ENERGY GO app



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