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Conditioning, Cardio, HiiT
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Various Artists
Nick Wild

HIIT The Breaks: Ceri Hannan

Conditioning, Cardio, HiiT

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BPM — Varied

Genre — Drum & Bass.

Class — HIIT, Interval Training

Description — Perfect for a Speed, Agility & Quickness session. Get ready to ‘HIIT THE BREAKS’ with this ‘Break Beat’ soundtrack as you accelerate, decelerate, and move with true purpose and intention.

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Choose the workout template below, utilising your own exercise prescription, or mix it up! This programme serves up 4 rounds (main body of work) broken up into 4 individual ‘blocks of work’. Based on 45 seconds work & 15 seconds rest (45:15). After a 60 second recovery section, the program repeats for a total of 4 rounds.

Recommended Protocol —

RAMP Warm Up:
2 Mins = Raising The Heart Rate
2 Mins = Activate The Muscles / Movement Patterns
2 Mins = Mobilise
2 Mins = Potentiate X

Block 1: SPEED
Block 2: AGILITY
Block 4: FOCUS
60 seconds recovery.
Repeat for 4 rounds.

Cool Down

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 HIIT The Breaks: Warm UpVarious Artists1688:17
2 HIIT The Breaks: WorkoutVarious Artists16818:21
3 HIIT The Breaks: Cool DownVarious Artists1165:54
HIIT The Breaks: Warm Up
Various Artists
0:00 / 08:17
168 BPM


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