What’s The Best Music For Yoga Classes?

When it comes to choosing the best music for Yoga classes, there are many different things to consider. The range of music for Yoga classes is vast and the choice will often depend on the Yoga Practitioner’s personal preferences.

Music or silence?

Some Yoga teachers prefer total silence for their sessions, while others feel that the right music enhances the experience of the class participants.

Vocals or instrumentals?

A common choice for Yoga is instrumental music that doesn’t feature any song lyrics or even spoken words.

Achieving the correct breathing technique is an essential part of a Yoga class. It’s also crucial that a Yoga instructor can be heard clearly without raised voices and many practitioners feel that music without vocals makes this much easier.

Vocals in Yoga music can be a distraction that instructors want to avoid so Yoga music with no words is a popular choice.

Our recommendation

The Pure Energy GO catalogue offers a wide range of albums that are created specifically for Mind Body classes. These include Yoga, Pilates, Relaxation, Tai Chi, Mindfulness and Meditation.

This range encompasses upbeat Pilates and Yoga music with a beat which works well for more contemporary class styles, and more melodic downtempo music that doesn’t have a noticeable beat.

The best music for Yoga classes from this range is Mind Body Chill 3.

Mind Body Chill 3

Mind Body Chill 3 is a breathtakingly beautiful classical piano mix to accompany your Yoga classes.

This 50 minute mix is purely instrumental music. This allows your class participants to focus on their breathing technique and your direction with no distracting vocals.

It truly is an exceptional piece of music. It contains influences of Einaudi as the piano takes you on a melodic journey and the tracks transport you to a place of tranquility and calm.

Music with no licensing restrictions

What’s more, Mind Body Chill 3 is licence free. This means it can be used in any venue with no additional licence fees. Mind Body Chill 3 can also be used for online Yoga classes without fear of being muted or taken down. Yoga music without copyright gives you the freedom to teach without restrictions.

Click here to browse the full range of Pure Energy GO albums that contain the best music for Yoga classes.

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