What’s The Best Music To Work Out To?

When it comes to workout music, so many factors can influence what makes a good track, mix or album. So how do you begin choosing the best music to work out to?

Whether it’s a fast paced, thumping release for a hi impact cardio session, or a downtempo vibe for a yoga or pilates class, the music you choose can make or break your workout.

Here at Pure Energy we work with a team of fitness experts who help us to craft every release, so we’ve reached out to them to ask them how they select their fitness music.

Motivating music

It goes without saying, but the first thing anyone looks for in a good piece of workout music is a motivational sound. Workouts are usually upwards of 40 minutes long, and whether you’re training  alone in the gym or taking part in a group exercise class, you need something that’s going to keep you going to the end of the session.

“I look for motivating, happy, high vibe music” Jo Ali

“I’ll often design a routine on how the music makes me want to move” Stuart Harrop

“For toning classes I want upbeat happy sounds to drag their tired limbs through it” Gary Daniels

A musical journey to match your workout

Many of our experts have likened a fitness session to a journey, and the workout music you choose needs to complement this.

“I want the mix to take me on a journey, it’s got to have those peaks & troughs so I can see the routine building and then the finale… putting it all together for the crescendo” Ali Green

“I need a tracklist that works in synchronisation with your workout journey; warm up, build up, high intensity crescendo and then cool down” Stacey Jacques

“I look for uplifting moments and quieter moments to take us through the session” Jo Ali

A driving bassline

But what is that key factor that drives a workout along, helps you to keep time in an exercise to music class or gets you to the end of each interval or exercise?

Whether it’s upfront Garage or House sounds, or a retro 80s or 90s Dance vibe that you choose, your workout music needs a driving bassline to keep you on track.

“I like a good beat and some bass!” Ali Green

“I want a good definitive beat I can work to” Jo Ali

“For training classes, a strong driving beat that motivates them and subconsciously drives them on” Gary Daniels

Different styles for different disciplines

Of course, one style of music does not suit all exercise disciplines. Particularly for group exercise classes, the tempo or BPM of a mix varies greatly between a Combat workout, an Aqua session or a Yoga class, for example.

When choosing the best music to work out to for any session, there will always be an element of personal choice, particularly when it comes to Mind Body style classes.

“For mind body sessions I always try to choose music that is not over powering but will allow clients to drift into it” Gary Daniels

“For mind body, personally I prefer instrumental only not lyrics as I find them distracting for me and my class participants” Stuart Harrop

The Pure Energy GO catalogue now has over 50 albums covering all musical styles, tempos and fitness disciplines, and with the advanced filters you can refine your search to quickly and easily find the best music to work out to.

All the music in the GO range is created by Europe’s top music producers and fitness professionals, specifically for workouts and group exercise classes. As the workout music is Licence Free, you don’t need any additional licences to play it online, in the gym, studio, or outdoors.

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