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Conditioning, Core, Cardio, HiiT, Intervals
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Various Artists
Ben Stevens

HiiT & Mix

Conditioning, Core, Cardio, HiiT, Intervals

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Introducing HiiT & Mix presented by Ceri Hannan.

This release is packed with a variety of protocols to keep your clients guessing and, more to the point, coming back for more! You can literally ‘pick & mix’ or rather ‘HiiT & Mix’ from the wide range of protocols and therefore fitness outcomes!

Use the guide provided for ideas or create your own content & let the music and automated prompts take you to the next level of coaching.

Build anaerobic capacity, focus on moving as fast as possible to earn as much rest as you can.

Build aerobic capacity, focus on sustainable pace, building intensity over the course of the class.

Runtime 3:50. 148-172 bpm
4×1 minute sections, increasing in intensity.

Tabata: Tactical Test (Push)
Runtime 4:01. 168 bpm
20s work / 10s rest x8.

EMOM: 3’s The Magic Number (Pace)
Runtime 5:11. 128 bpm
60s work x5.

EMOM: Big 5 (Push)
Runtime 5:10. 144 bpm
60s work x5. 60s rest.

Accumulator 20:10 (Pace)
Runtime 8:11. 132 bpm
20s work / 10s rest.
20:20s work / 10s rest
20:20:20s work / 10s rest
Repeat until 6x20s work / 10s rest.

E3MOM: 90:90 (PUSH)
Runtime 6:11. 128 bpm
90s work / 90s rest. Repeat.

ELIMINATOR 20:10 (Pace)
Runtime 8:10. 132 bpm
6x20s work. 10s rest.
5x20s work. 10s rest.
4x20s work. 10s rest.
Continue reducing each time until
1x20s work. 10s rest.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTimePrice 
1 HiiT & Mix: Warm UpVarious Artists148-1723:50£3.99Add to basket
2 HiiT & Mix: Tababta: Tactical Test (Push)Various Artists1684:02£3.99Add to basket
3 HiiT & Mix: EMOM: 3's The Magic Number (Pace)Various Artists1285:12£3.99Add to basket
4 HiiT & Mix: EMOM: Big 5 (Push)Various Artists1445:11£3.99Add to basket
5 HiiT & Mix: Accumulator 20:10 (Pace)Various Artists1328:11£3.99Add to basket
6 HiiT & Mix: E3MOM: 90:90 (Push)Various Artists1286:11£3.99Add to basket
7 HiiT & Mix: Eliminator 20:10 (Pace)Various Artists1328:11£3.99Add to basket
HiiT & Mix: Warm Up
Various Artists
0:00 / 03:50
148-172 BPM


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