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Conditioning, Cardio, HiiT
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Various Artists
Nick Wild

HiiT 41: The Mash-ups

Conditioning, Cardio, HiiT

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HiiT 41: The Mash-ups brings a new twist to the traditional workout!

Rachel Holmes has put together an incredible series of mash-ups, with each workout featuring your favourite protocols back to back in each mash-up!

These workouts are designed to challenge you, and as well as featuring a warm up and cool down mix to top and tail your sessions, protocols include:

Mash-up 1: 50:10 Cardio / 20:10 Plyo / 30:30 Cardio Resist / 50:10 Strength
Mash-up 2: Target Zone / Triple Challenge / Super Set
Mash-up 3: Mind Mobility / Holistic HiiT / Mind Body Interval Classic

See the image for a full breakdown of the workout protocols and get ready to sweat, burn, and feel amazing with HiiT 41!

 Track TitleArtistBPMTimePrice 
1 HiiT 41: Warm Up MixVarious Artists1369:59£3.99Add to basket
2 HiiT 41: Mash-up Workout 1Various ArtistsVaried24:40£3.99Add to basket
3 HiiT 41: Mash-up Workout 2Various ArtistsVaried44:25£3.99Add to basket
4 HiiT 41: Mash-up Workout 3Various ArtistsVaried36:36£3.99Add to basket
5 HiiT 41: Cool DownVarious Artists9610:05£3.99Add to basket
HiiT 41: Warm Up Mix
Various Artists
0:00 / 09:59
136 BPM


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