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Studio Cycling, Cardio
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Various Artists
Nick Wild

Accelerate: Bike Beats 11

Studio Cycling, Cardio

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BPM — Varied

Genre — Dance, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Trance

Class — Studio Cycling

Description — A mix of genres and BPMs, designed specifically to optimise Studio Cycling classes. Accelerate 11 is a 5-section based programme with working phases of 6:00, 8:00, 12:00, 8:00, 6:00 (plus a 1:00 recovery phase between each section).

Section 1: Prepare — 6:24
RPM — Starts at 90, decreasing to 60 through the first build.
Riding Positions — Seated and stood, with 2 accelerations to finish.

Section 2: Build — 8:28
RPM — Starts at 90, dropping in the middle sections to 50, then building back up to 90, before a final acceleration.
Riding Positions — Seated and stood.

Section 3: Engage — 11:39
RPM — The first half starts and remains heavy with an RPM ranging from 70-50. In the second half, the RPM increases to 90 as we tackle the first ‘all out’ efforts of the ride.
Riding Position — Seated and stood.

Section 4: Push The Limit — 8:09
RPM — The first half is 60 RPM; taking you through the first 3 accelerations. The second half is 90 RPM – working through the final 4 accelerations of the section.
Riding Position – Seated and stood.

Section 5: The Final — 6:55
RPM — This final section starts at 80 RPM and drops by 10 after each of the first 3 accelerations. Through the final 3 accelerations, the mix holds at 60 RPM.
Riding Position — Seated and stood.

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 Track TitleArtistBPMTimePrice 
1 One More TimeHigher Self1353:50£2.99Add to basket
2 I Want YouHigher Self1354:18£2.99Add to basket
3 Just A Beat (Set Me Free)Way Back1405:09£2.99Add to basket
4 We're Rising UpLexa1365:00£2.99Add to basket
5 Touch The SkySubooka1724:06£2.99Add to basket
6 Riddim & FlowFelix Rodgers1684:14£2.99Add to basket
7 I Don't CareSpektrax1723:47£2.99Add to basket
8 Badmen CraveFlexx1733:15£2.99Add to basket
9 It's A Good LifeHead Jammers1403:46£2.99Add to basket
10 What Ya GotLeigh Green1454:28£2.99Add to basket
11 Fallin' In LuvBBB (UK)1404:46£2.99Add to basket
12 Magic In YouBBB (UK)1404:48£2.99Add to basket
13 Accelerate: Bike Beats 11 (Continuous Mix)Various ArtistsVaried45:59
One More Time
Higher Self
0:00 / 03:50
135 BPM


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