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Running Time
Studio Cycling, Cardio
Primary Artist
Various Artists
Nick Wild

Accelerate: Bike Beats 10

Studio Cycling, Cardio

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BPM — Various

Genre — Pop, House, Drum & Bass

Class — Studio Cycling

Description — Designed specifically for freestyle cycle classes this 36-minute mix will take you on an intense ride. Starting at a steady 125bpm and reaching a heart-pumping 175bpm, this mix is designed to help keep you motivated throughout your entire workout.

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 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Thinking You Were MineHigher Self1254:42
2 Let The Rhythm Take ControlRob Tissera1304:02
3 Losing My MindFelix Rodgers1303:01
4 Save MeHigher Self1304:30
5 Light Up SkiesRob Tissera1353:56
6 Going BackOurs (UK)1354:50
7 Oh DamnLeigh Green1454:05
8 ShineBen Stevens1454:04
9 Tired Of TalkingFelix Rodgers1703:46
10 Our FutureFelix Rodgers1703:57
11 Touch The SkySubooka1724:06
12 You And ISubooka1744:28
13 Accelerate: Bike Beats 10 (Continuous Mix)Various Artists125-17536:04
Thinking You Were Mine
Higher Self
0:00 / 04:42
125 BPM


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