PURE ENERGY GO and Everyone Active: Elevating Fitness Experiences Through Expertly Curated Music

PURE ENERGY GO is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Everyone Active, a leading leisure operator. This collaboration represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the fitness experience for Everyone Active members through expertly curated soundtracks for Group Exercise fitness classes.

PURE ENERGY GO x Everyone Active Team Collaboration

Above: Representatives from Everyone Active and PURE ENERGY GO in the Fitness Lab at PURE ENERGY GO HQ (Tileyard North, Wakefield).

The Partnership:
Since December 1st, 2023, PURE ENERGY GO has become the music provider of choice for Everyone Active’s Group Exercise classes across 137 fitness facilities, with over 1400 of their instructors now utilising the PURE ENERGY GO app. This strategic partnership aims to create an immersive and energising atmosphere within Everyone Active, enriching the overall workout experience for members with music programmed for specific disciplines.

‘This collaboration will further enhance our customer journey and complement our fantastic range of group exercise classes. As we look towards innovative solutions and attracting a wide range of people through the benefits of group fitness, we’re delighted to provide a library of music to support our fitness instructors and deliver an immersive experience across each class.

Angela Ioannou, National Group Exercise Manager at Everyone Active

Behind The Scenes:
To shed light on the process of curating music for fitness, PURE ENERGY GO invited representatives from Everyone Active, including National Group Exercise Manager Angela Ioannou, to their headquarters within the renowned creative hub, Tileyard North, Wakefield, for an exclusive Music Studio Session.

Above: Nick Wild (Music Producer at PURE ENERGY GO) and Charley Foss (Fitness Manager at Everyone Active) curating a mix designed specifically to enhance a BodyMax style of workout.

During this collaborative session, Chris Dennis (Group Exercise Coordinator) and Charley Foss (Fitness Manager) teamed up with PURE ENERGY GO’s music producers and fitness experts to craft the perfect mix for their exercise routines. These mixes are available to stream now, exclusively on the PURE ENERGY GO app:

‘Our mission revolves around revolutionising the role of music in exercise and well-being, aiming to optimise performance and elevate the experience for both instructors and members. Partnering with Everyone Active offers us a remarkable and exciting opportunity to develop a long-term strategy that places music at the core of their member experience.’

Andy Pickles, CEO at PURE ENERGY GO

The Music Experience:
PURE ENERGY GO is renowned for its extensive library of all rights included, high-quality music catering to various fitness routines.

From heart-pounding beats for high-intensity workouts to soothing melodies for yoga sessions, PURE ENERGY GO’s diverse music catalogue ensures a tailored and engaging fitness experience for all class types. The app’s user-friendly interface allows fitness instructors to soundtrack their sessions with music of any genre, without polarising members.

This partnership signifies Everyone Active’s commitment to providing a diverse and engaging fitness environment for its members. Members can look forward to an enhanced workout experience with PURE ENERGY GO’s curated soundtracks in Group Exercise fitness classes.

For more information about Everyone Active and PURE ENERGY GO, please visit Everyone Active and PURE ENERGY GO.



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