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HiiT, Intervals, Conditioning, Core
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Various Artists
Pure Energy

Merry HiiTmas

HiiT, Intervals, Conditioning, Core

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Using the music workouts from the forthcoming HiiT 23, join Santa for 5 protocols for your interval fitness classes with timed intervals and vocal commands. Merry HiiTmas brings you 5 new interval workouts containing all of the essential favourites we have come to know and love, including a new spin on Every Minute On The Minute using a tempo increase for that extra energy boost in your classes. Workout 1 – 50:10 Intervals featuring music from 90s House Party 2 50s work / 10s rest x6. Repeat for 4 reps in total. 135bpm. 25:35 Workout 2 – Accelerated E.M.O.M using music from Essential Freestyle – Garage and the forthcoming EDM Cardio Workout 4 A twist on the old favourite. 60s Work x5 / 30s rest. Repeat for 5 reps in total. Each rep increases in tempo starting with Rep 1 at 128bpm through to rep 5 at 152 bpm. 128-152bpm. 27:42 Workout 3 – Cardio Resist 15 using music from Essential Freestyle & Cardio Energy 9 15s work x8 30s Rest. Repeat x5. Comprises of 8 exercises each of 15s. Alternates between a Cardio @160bpm and Restance @130bpm. Eg. Ex1 @ 160bpm / Ex2 @ 130bpm / Ex.3 @ 160bpm etc. 160/130bpm. 12:31 Workout 4 – Accelerated 90:60:30 using music from Aero Energy – Essential Trance and Hard House – Cardio Energy 10 90s work @ 134bpm / 60s work @ 140bpm / 30s work @145bpm. 15s Rest. Repeat for 5 reps in total. 134-145bpm. 16:30 Workout 5 – Mind Body Matrix using music from Deep House Chill 40:40:40:40s Work / 20s Rest. Repeat for 6 reps in total. 120bpm. 18:21 This album will give you all the variety your HIIT classes need to finish the year on a high and boost your mood with some incredible beats to keep on pushing through to the New Year. Merry HiiTmas is licence free, meaning you can use this music online with no fear of copyright strikes or being muted, and you can use it in any venue with no additional PPL and PRS fees to pay.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTimePrice 
1 Merry HiiTmas - 50:10 IntervalsVarious Artists13525:36£3.99Add to basket
2 Merry HiiTmas - Accelerated E.M.O.M.Various Artists128-15227:43£3.99Add to basket
3 Merry HiiTmas - Cardio Resist 15Various Artists160/13012:32£3.99Add to basket
4 Merry HiiTmas - Accelerated 90:60:30Various Artists134-14516:31£3.99Add to basket
5 Merry HiiTmas - Mind Body MatrixPaul Chambers12018:21£3.99Add to basket
Merry HiiTmas - 50:10 Intervals
Various Artists
0:00 / 25:36
135 BPM


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