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HiiT, Conditioning, Core, Intervals
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Various Artists
Ben Stevens

HiiT 22

HiiT, Conditioning, Core, Intervals

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HiiT 22 carries on where its predecessors left off and delivers 5 amazing intervals of various styles and bpms.

Workout 1 – 20:20 Cardio Power featuring music from Aero Energy – Essential Trance to bring on the speed!
20s of Cardio @ 150bpm / 20s Power @135bpm. Repeat x3. 20s Rest. Repeat to perform 10 reps. Finish the workout with an additonal final phase of 40s of Cardio / 40s Power / 40s Cardio / 40s Power. 138 bpm. 26:39 Workout 2 –

30:30 Accumulator Yes, it’s back! 1-6 then 6-1 but with a brand new feel from the forthcoming Essential Freestyle – Garage.
Chose 6 30s exercises. Perform Exercise 1 :30s rest. / Ex1:Ex2:30s rest Ex1:Ex2:Ex3:rest etc. up to 6x30s work. 60s rest. Repeat in reverse.
Ex6:rest /Ex6:Ex5:rest etc. 128bpm. 27:39

Workout 3 – Controlled Conditioning Intervals is a LiiT Mind Body style interval using Ibiza Sunrise – Balearic Edition.
45:45 seconds work / 15s Rest. Perform 8 reps in total. 118bpm. 14:30

Workout 4 – Triple Challenge 45 consists of 3 x 45 seconds back-to-back work with only 20 seconds rest! It’s a great challenge for your class members to boost strength with music from Hard House – Cardio Energy 10.
45:45s work. 20s Rest. Perform 6 reps in total. 148bpm. 15:47

Workout 5 – Super Finisher Comprises 4 intervals increasing in speed making it the perfect finisher to your HiiT 22 workout using Cardio Energy 11.
20:20:20s work / 20s rest. Repeat x 10.
Each 20 second work section increases in tempo from the last, rising from 148 to 162 up to 170bpm 148-170bpm. 13:28

HiiT 22 is licence free, meaning you can use this music online with no fear of copyright strikes or being muted, and you can use it in any venue with no additional PPL and PRS fees to pay.

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1 HiiT 22 - 20:20 Cardio PowerVarious Artists13826:39£3.99Add to basket
2 HiiT 22 - LiiT 30:30 AccumulatorVarious Artists12827:40£3.99Add to basket
3 HiiT 22 - Controlled Conditioning IntervalsVarious Artists11814:30£3.99Add to basket
4 HiiT 22 - Triple Challenge 45Rob Tissera14815:48£3.99Add to basket
5 HiiT 22 - Super FinisherVarious Artists148-162-17013:29£3.99Add to basket
HiiT 22 - 20:20 Cardio Power
Various Artists
0:00 / 26:39
138 BPM


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