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HiiT, Conditioning, Core, Intervals
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Various Artists
Ben Stevens

HiiT 21

HiiT, Conditioning, Core, Intervals

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The latest HiiT protocol instalment, HiiT 21, brought to you by two of the industry leaders in fitness, presenters Rachel Holmes and Kelly Reed. This is a true masterpiece of very cleverly and carefully thought out protocols, a great injection of creative intervals with the best beats we have to offer! Work/Rest Ratios: 1) Reducing Rest Times – 144bpm. 14:33 30:30:30s work / rest. Repeat x8. Rest times reduce each rep: 40/30/20/15/10/5/0 seconds. 2) Superset Express Upper/Lower – 140bpm. 17:32 30:30s work / 10s rest. Repeat x 15. 3) Mindful HiiT: Trisets – 118bpm. 20:27 45:45:45s work / 15s rest. Repeat x8. 4) MetCon – 148-138-130bpm. 16:34 6x30s work at 148bpm / 30s rest. 6x 45s work at 138bpm / 30s rest, 6x50s work at 130bpm / 30s rest. Finisher: Exercise 1 – 30s. Exercise 2 – 45s. Exercise 3 – 50s. 5) Accelerated Pyramid – 140-160bpm. 25:27 Choose 5 exercises of increasing intensity. Each exercise will increase in tempo from exercise 1 at 140bpm through to exercise 5 at 160bpm. 50:40:30:20:10s (ex.1:2:3:4:5) work / 30s rest. 10:20:30:40:50s (ex. 5:4:3:2:1) work / 60s rest. Repeat x4 HiiT 21 is licence free, meaning you can use this music online with no fear of copyright strikes or being muted, and you can use it in any venue with no additional PPL and PRS fees to pay.

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1 HiiT 21 - Reducing Rest TimesRob Tissera14414:34£3.99Add to basket
2 HiiT 21 - Superset Express Upper-LowerVarious Artists14017:33£3.99Add to basket
3 HiiT 21 - Mindful HiiT - TrisetsVarious Artists11820:28£3.99Add to basket
4 HiiT 21 - MetConVarious Artists148-138-13016:34£3.99Add to basket
5 HiiT 21 - Accelerated PyramidVarious Artists140-16025:28£3.99Add to basket
HiiT 21 - Reducing Rest Times
Rob Tissera
0:00 / 14:34
144 BPM


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