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Conditioning, Cardio, HiiT, Intervals, Mind Body, Utilities
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Pure Energy

GO Express 2

Conditioning, Cardio, HiiT, Intervals, Mind Body, Utilities

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GO Express 2 brings you over 2 hours of shorter, punchier fitness music mixes, covering a range BPMs and class styles, perfect for delivering express workouts!

Each 20 minute mix features tracks you’ll know and love from the Pure Energy GO catalogue, as well as some GO Express exclusive ones too!

Mix 1 – GO Express: Funkin’ Rockz. 110 BPM
This is a Hip Hop, Funk and Rock collective mix. It’s 20 minutes of Street Dance vibes, ideal for Dance, Bodymax, Spin and Conditioning.

Mix 2 – GO Express: 80s 128 BPM
Featuring 4 of our favourite tracks from Cardio 80s 4. It’s a feel-good mix and great for Conditioning, Core and so much more.

Mix 3 – GO Express: Essential Freestylers 130 BPM
Tracks from two amazing releases, Essential Freestyle by Rob Tissera and Essential Freestyle – Garage. This mix has big tunes and lots of energy, it’s brilliant for Step, Dance, Conditioning and Abs classes.

Mix 4 – GO Express: Cardio Energy. 150 BPM
If you’re looking for a fast, short blast workout mix, then this is for all you speed-loving instructors. This mix is a collection of top tracks from our Cardio Energy range.

Mix 5 – GO Express: Sound Bath and Dreams. N/A BPM
Taking you on a complete relaxation journey using tracks from 2 beautiful releases, Anahata Flow and Lunar Mandela. This 20 minute calming mix brings you a complete sense of peace and tranquillity for your mindfulness-based classes.

Mix 6 – GO Express: Chill Hop Collective. 95 BPM
Celebrating the trilogy of the incredible Chill Hop albums. This mix has 4 tracks carefully selected and put together to create a full Chill Hop experience. If you haven’t used any of the Chill Hop releases then this is a great way to get a feel for the mixes. It’s a constant 95 BPM so it’s perfect for Core, Pilates, cool downs and stretch work.

Mix 7 – GO Express: Pilates Intervals: Mind Body Supersets. 120 BPM
Chosen from Pilates Intervals 9, this mix is a protocol that’s under 20 minutes consisting of 45:45 work and 15 seconds rest, repeated 10 times. It’s an easy to formulate protocol that’s suitable for everyone. Use this for Pilates, Yoga, Core, Barre and even in a Spin intervals section.

Mix 8 – GO Express: HiiT – The All in 20 Workout. 135 BPM
This mix is a protocol taken from HiiT 17 and it’s a real favourite amongst fitness instructors. Featuring 20 repetitions of a classic 50:10 interval, it’s a great go-to for your express classes.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTimePrice 
1 Express Funkin' RockzVarious Artists11018:56£2.99Add to basket
2 Express 80sVarious Artists12820:05£2.99Add to basket
3 Express Essential FreestylersVarious Artists13020:13£2.99Add to basket
4 Express Cardio EnergyVarious Artists15020:25£2.99Add to basket
5 Express Sound Bath & DreamsVarious ArtistsN/A20:16£2.99Add to basket
6 Express Chill Hop CollectiveVarious Artists9518:57£2.99Add to basket
7 Pilates Intervals 9 - Mind Body SupersetsPaul Chambers12017:50£3.99Add to basket
8 HiIT 17: The All In 20 WorkoutVarious Artists13520:20£3.99Add to basket
Express Funkin' Rockz
Various Artists
0:00 / 18:56
110 BPM


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