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Conditioning, Core, Studio Cycling, Bodymax
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Pure Energy

Bodymax 5: Strength & Conditioning

Conditioning, Core, Studio Cycling, Bodymax

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Bodymax 5 is the latest in a range of licence free albums from Pure Energy GO that allows instructors to create a freestyle strength and conditioning training programme for both online and face-to-face classes.

Bodymax allows you to create the programme and themes that suit your audience, whether you use a barbell, kettlebell, body weights, free weights or mix up the kit you use. Below is the BPM, Running Time and suggested focus for each track within the continuous programme on Bodymax 5, of course you can mix this and create your own theme for each track:

1. Warm Up: Follow Me – 130 BPM – 5:04
2. Squats: Mr DJ (Turn Up The Bassline) – 128 BPM – 6:04
3. Chest: Fire Up Your Soul – 128 BPM – 5:06
4. Back: 1234 – 135 BPM –  6:16
5. Lunge: I Want It – 128 BPM – 4:34
6. Triceps: I’m In Love – 128 BPM – 5:33
7. Biceps: City Lights – 150 BPM – 4:46
8. Shoulders: Let’s Go – 150 BPM – 4:44
9. Abs: Here With Me – 130 BPM – 4:05
10. Cool Down: In The Rain – 95 BPM – 4:58

Bodymax 5 is licence free, meaning you can use this music online with no fear of copyright strikes or being muted, and you can use it in any venue with no additional PPL and PRS fees to pay.

The 53 minute programme downloads as both a mix, allowing for continuous playback with a 15 second interval between each track, and 10 individual tracks.

Please note, the timings of the individual tracks vary slightly to the timings of the tracks within the continuous programme.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTimePrice 
1 Follow Me (Bodymax Edit)Rob Tissera1305:04£2.99Add to basket
2 Mr DJ (Turn Up The Bassline) (Bodymax Edit)Tyson Davey1286:04£2.99Add to basket
3 Fire Up Your Soul (Bodymax Edit)stepAside1285:06£2.99Add to basket
4 1234 (Bodymax Edit)House Of Kings1356:17£2.99Add to basket
5 I Want It (Bodymax Edit)Mason Davey1284:35£2.99Add to basket
6 I'm In Love (Bodymax Edit)Glitterbomb1285:34£2.99Add to basket
7 City Lights (Bodymax Edit)Big Dipperz1504:46£2.99Add to basket
8 Let's Go (Bodymax Edit)NOISE1504:44£2.99Add to basket
9 Here With Me (Bodymax Edit)Paul Pacey1304:06£2.99Add to basket
10 In The Rain (Bodymax Edit)Tico Piper954:58£2.99Add to basket
11 Bodymax 5: Strength & Conditioning (Continuous Mix)Various ArtistsVaried53:02
Follow Me (Bodymax Edit)
Rob Tissera
0:00 / 05:04
130 BPM


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