Pure Energy GO: All Rights Included Fitness Music

In the confusing world of music licensing and fitness, we want to keep things really simple for you when you use a release from our Pure Energy GO label.

ALL music is copyrighted; what matters is how the rights holder chooses to let people use their music.

The terms ‘licence free’ and ‘royalty free’ can be misleading. In the case of Pure Energy GO, we have chosen to include ALL RIGHTS to use our music within the purchase of the album.

Although you can play Original Artist or PPL Free music online with a Limited Online Music Licence, this still comes with restrictions and limitations due to music licensing.

So to keep things simple, here is what you need to know when using a Pure Energy GO release. 

When I buy a Pure Energy GO release can I use it online without fear of getting muted or taken down?

Yes. We control all the rights and have not ‘fingerprinted’ our music with Facebook or any platform so you are clear to stream live. 

What happens if I do get a warning from Facebook for copyright infringement?

This can happen occasionally, which is due to their algorithm making a mistake. Just dispute it and reference that you are using music from The Music Factory Entertainment Group (Pure Energy) and have permission.

Do I have to pay any additional licence costs to use Pure Energy GO music online, either in Zoom classes or on Facebook?

No, we have not asked PPL or PRS to collect performance royalties for us, all our rights are included in your purchase. Once you buy a GO release no more payments are required.

Can I use Pure Energy GO music on my videos I publish on YouTube and my website?

Yes you can, this is called sync licensing – when you put music with video – and traditionally you would have to get a licensing agreement with the publishers and record labels. However, in the case of Pure Energy GO releases our fitness music is Rights Included: we are the publisher and record label and control all rights worldwide and we have granted you the permission when you buy a release.

If I put Pure Energy GO music on my video do I have to take it down after 2 weeks?

No, you can host it as long as you like because we have given you the rights to do so.

If I use Pure Energy GO music in the gym do I have to pay PPL £1.67 plus vat and PRS £1.75 plus vat every time I deliver a class?

No, because our fitness music is Rights Included, you have been granted the rights to use our music with no requirement to pay for the performance. 

Can I use the Pure Energy Original Artist releases in the same way?

No. We have a dubbing licence with PPL and PRS to create our Original Artist releases but we don’t own the rights. You are subject to all the associated costs and restrictions detailed in the Limited Online Music Licence (LOML). You are also subject to PPL and PRS licence costs when you deliver classes face to face.

Can companies use Pure Energy GO releases as part of their online fitness service? 

Yes but they would need to get in touch with us first so we understand how they wish to use our music. 

Are Pure Energy GO releases going to continue once the fitness industry gets back to normal?

Yes, in fact we have increased our monthly releases to 10 per month.

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