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Running Time
Studio Cycling, Cardio
Primary Artist
Various Artists
Nick Wild

Bike Beats 3: Nubeats

Studio Cycling, Cardio

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Welcome to the new ride that is Bike Beats 3: Nubeats.

This album has an increased tempo for the majority of the workout, giving you big beats and a need for speed. Tracks are taken from a range of our recent albums including Essential Freestyle – Garage, Cardio Energy 11 – Hard To The Core, EDM Cardio Workout 4 and Body Rockers 2

.Also included are exclusive new tracks from the forthcoming Cardio Energy – Drum & Bass, a special bonus speed challenge protocol taken from HiiT 22 and finally a cool down taken from Funk & Groove 1.

With a variable tempo ranging between 128bpm and 170bpm, the album includes both a 54 minute continuous mix (with a 30-second rest between each section) and also the 7 individual tracks which contain the 30-second rest at their end, allowing you to click and play to tailor a workout to your own needs.

Bike Beats 3: Nubeats is licence free, meaning you can use this music online with no fear of copyright strikes or being muted, and you can use it in any venue with no additional PPL and PRS fees to pay.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Bike Beats 3 - Warm UpVarious Artists130-1358:36
2 Bike Beats 3 - Seated ClimbVarious Artists1706:36
3 Bike Beats 3 - Standing ClimbGunslingaz1256:28
4 Bike Beats 3 - Seated & ClimbMax Mozart1506:33
5 Bike Beats 3 - FreestyleMax Mozart1356:44
6 Bike Beats 3 - Speed Challenge IntervalsVarious Artists148-162-17013:55
7 Bike Beats 3 - Cool DownFrank Farell906:13
8 Bike Beats 3: Nubeats (Continuous Mix)Various ArtistsVaried54:20
Bike Beats 3 - Warm Up
Various Artists
0:00 / 08:36
130-135 BPM


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