The Pure Energy GO App wich is part of the new Pure Energy GO Service is packed with innovative features to support fitness instructors in delivering creative class content! This page includes helpful video tutorials to guide you through some of the most important features on the App.

How To Use The Music Player

Watch this video on how to select and play albums and playlists on the Pure Energy GO App.

  • Select an album or playlist and select a track
  • Control the volume
  • Scrub through a track with the progress bar
  • Favourite tracks in your library
  • Add tracks to playlists
  • Use the Tempo slider to control the speed of the track
  • Set a crossfade between tracks

How To Build Playlists

This video guides you through the process of building your own Playlist on the Pure Energy GO App.

  • Choose an album and select tracks
  • Select a Playlist or create a new one
  • Add tracks to your chosen Playlist
  • Change the order of tracks in a Playlist
  • Play your Playlist in the App

How To Play Offline & Manage Downloads

With the Pure Energy GO App you can play albums offline, for times when you don’t have an internet connection. This video takes you through how to download and play albums and playlists offline.

  • To download single tracks click the 3 dots next to the track and select download
  • To download albums and playlists, click the arrow icon next to the Play button
  • To manage downloads, go to ‘my library’ and press ‘downloads’
  • From here you can remove downloads
  • Once you have downloaded music you can switch to ‘go offline’ mode

For more help and advice on how to use the Pure Energy GO App, please join the Pure Energy Fitness Music Facebook Page.

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