Aqua 1


We’ve selected the most popular tracks from the GO bestsellers, Cardio Disco, GO 80s Cardio Conditioning, and Cardio 90s Dance to craft our first licence free Aqua release!

Aqua 1 has been constructed in such a way that it’s easy to build an Aqua workout around, whether you favour a more choreographed Aqua class or a circuit based session. If you incorporate equipment such as aqua bells and pool noodles, at a steady 125 to 130 BPM this is the perfect tempo for your workout.

The tracks in Aqua 1 are not too overpowering so the audio will project well in indoor pool environments without compromising the clarity of your vocals.

Aqua 1 is licence free, which means you are able to play it in any venue or online with no additional cost or fear of being muted or taken down.

Weight 0.1 kg

125 – 130




80'S, 90's, Disco


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