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Mind Body, Yoga, Meditation
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Hannah Rose
Les Verde Orchestra

Sound Bath: Chakra Healing

Mind Body, Yoga, Meditation

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Sound Bath: Chakra Healing helps you feel aligned, inspired & connected. Written with your yoga class in mind, flow through 7 glittering tracks that resonate with each chakra. 

This album can be used as an hour-long experience or each track can be taken individually to inspire specific chakra-focused classes. 

Every track is tuned to the frequency of each chakra. 

Hear the ethereal, ambient & healing sounds of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Indian Shruti Box, Gentle Mantras 

The whole album is a meditative experience as it is tuned to 432Hz – the resonance of nature that feels deeply relaxing for the mind & body.

Perfect for Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative & Yin classes.

1. Root Chakra: Muladhara
2. Sacral Chakra: Svadishthana
3. Solar Plexus: Manipura
4. Heart Chakra: Anahata
5. Throat Chakra: Vishuddha
6. Third Eye: Anja
7. Crown Chakra: Sahasrara

Track 5 contains the mantra So Hum which means I am enough. In Vedic philosophy it means identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality.

Track 7 contains the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma (Sat Nam) which sheds the old you and helps you become your true self. It’s also known to calm you down and increase serotonin so it’s perfect for anyone with stress, anxiety, and/or depression.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTimePrice 
1 Grounded (Root Chakra: Muladhara)Hannah Rose608:17£2.99Add to basket
2 Awaken (Sacral Chakra: Svadishthana)Hannah Rose608:20£2.99Add to basket
3 Ignite (Solar Plexus: Manipura)Hannah Rose607:42£2.99Add to basket
4 Unstruck (Heart Chakra: Anahata)Hannah Rose607:50£2.99Add to basket
5 Pure (Throat Chakra: Vishuddha)Hannah Rose609:24£2.99Add to basket
6 Dream (Third Eye Chakra: Anja)Hannah Rose608:27£2.99Add to basket
7 Transcend (Crown Shakra: Sahasrara)Hannah Rose609:51£2.99Add to basket
8 Sound Bath: Chakra Healing (Continuous Mix)Hannah Rose6058:08
Grounded (Root Chakra: Muladhara)
Hannah Rose
0:00 / 08:17
60 BPM


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