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115-120 / 120-125
Running Time
Primary Artist
Various Artists
Pure Energy

Rock Hard Conditioning


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Rock Hard Conditioning…Are you ready to rock your workouts?

Comprising two 30-minute mixes, this release is packed with a hard-rocking attitude that inspires you to push your classes to the next level.

Mix 1 runs at 115-120 bpm and features a collection of tracks you will know and love from Funk & Groove 1, Hip Hop Rockz and Electro Energy.

Mix 2 increases the tempo just a little bit to run at 120-125 bpm, which doesn’t sound like a big increase, but the tracks have been compiled to give some more attitude and encourage a more gritty style. WIth tracks taken from Block Rockin’ Beats, Body Rockers and Big Beat Conditioning you’re in for a Rock Hard Conditioning session!

Class recommendations: Conditioning, Strength, and Studio Cycling


 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Rock Hard Conditioning: Mix 1Various Artists115-12029:48
2 Rock Hard Conditioning: Mix 2Various Artists120-12530:28
Rock Hard Conditioning: Mix 1
Various Artists
0:00 / 29:48
115-120 BPM


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