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Conditioning, Barre, Seniors, Intervals, Pilates, Yoga
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Various Artists
Nick Wild

Pilates Intervals 9

Conditioning, Barre, Seniors, Intervals, Pilates, Yoga

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Pilates Intervals 9 is a licence free fitness music release that’s perfect for teaching online Mind Body classes. Each workout is structured into timed intervals with varying work:rest ratios.

Bringing a slightly higher tempo for this release which is great for your Pilates, LiiT Conditioning, and senior classes. Lowest Bpm is 95 from Chill Hop 2, all the way up to 120bpm from Ibiza Sunrise and Mind Body Beats 4.

This release consists of 5 workouts:

Workout 1: Dirty 30
30:30:30 work / 30 rest. Repeat for 15 rounds.
Mind Body Beats 5: Balearic Sunset. 110-120 BPM

Workout 2: Mind Body Supersets
2x 45s work. 15s rest. Repeat for 10 rounds.
Mind Body Beats Ibiza Sunrise 115-120BPM

Workout 3 : Barre Pilates Intervals 24
60s work / 15s rest. Repeat for 24 rounds.
Mind Body Fusion: Chill Hop 2 95BPM

Workout 4: Accumulator 30 Pyramid
30s work / 30 rest.  30:30s work / 30s rest etc until 6 x 30s work.
1 min rest. Repeat in reverse.
Mind Body Beats Fusion: Chill Hop 1 105 BPM

Workout 5: 5 Minute rounds
45s work / 15s rest x 4. 60 sec work  / 60s recovery . Repeat for 5 rounds.
Mind Body Beats 4: Trip To Ibiza 110-118BPM

Pilates Intervals 9 is licence free, meaning it is suitable for use in online sessions on all platforms including Zoom, Facebook Live, Instagram and YouTube without the risk of your video being muted or taken down. This royalty free Pilates album can be played in any venue with no additional PRS and PPL licence fees to pay.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTimePrice 
1 Pilates Intervals 9 - Dirty 30Various Artists11229:55£3.99Add to basket
2 Pilates Intervals 9 - Mind Body SupersetsPaul Chambers12017:50£3.99Add to basket
3 Pilates Intervals 9 - Barre Pilates Intervals 24Higher Self9630:14£3.99Add to basket
4 Pilates Intervals 9 - Accumulator 30 PyramidHigher Self10427:26£3.99Add to basket
5 Pilates Intervals 9 - 5 Minute RoundsVarious Artists11229:23£3.99Add to basket
Pilates Intervals 9 - Dirty 30
Various Artists
0:00 / 29:55
112 BPM


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