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Pure Energy

GroovX Gold

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GroovX Gold is a bespoke Pure Energy GO production for the GroovX fitness programme.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTimePrice 
1 Times Are Good (GroovX Edit)Dennis Virgo & Starburst12512:06£2.99Add to basket
2 Queen Of Dance (GroovX Edit)Dennis Virgo & Starburst12511:36£2.99Add to basket
3 I Love To Dance (GroovX Edit)Dennis Virgo & Starburst12510:07£2.99Add to basket
4 Freak (GroovX Edit)Dennis Virgo & Starburst12510:38£2.99Add to basket
5 Faithful (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1259:23£2.99Add to basket
6 No More Regrets (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild12510:40£2.99Add to basket
7 To The Rhythm (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1259:55£2.99Add to basket
8 Superfly (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild12510:07£2.99Add to basket
9 Losing My Mind (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1259:37£2.99Add to basket
10 Shake Down & Boogie (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1258:49£2.99Add to basket
11 Music Takes Me Away (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1259:52£2.99Add to basket
12 Matter Of Fact (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1259:07£2.99Add to basket
13 Make It Right (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1258:37£2.99Add to basket
14 Round & Round (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1257:34£2.99Add to basket
15 Satisfy (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1258:37£2.99Add to basket
16 Something In The Music (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1257:32£2.99Add to basket
17 Have My Love (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1205:28£2.99Add to basket
18 Burning Down The Place (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1105:41£2.99Add to basket
19 Take it Higher (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1105:40£2.99Add to basket
20 Can't Live Without (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1205:28£2.99Add to basket
21 World To Gain (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1205:28£2.99Add to basket
22 High Flyer (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1305:48£2.99Add to basket
23 Goodbye (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1306:03£2.99Add to basket
24 Everything (GroovX Edit)Flash & Wild1305:48£2.99Add to basket
Times Are Good (GroovX Edit)
Dennis Virgo & Starburst
0:00 / 12:06
125 BPM


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