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Pure Energy

GroovX Extras – ProBeats 8 – Pump Up The Beats

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GroovX Extras – ProBeats 8 – Pump Up The Beats is a bespoke Pure Energy GO production for the GroovX fitness programme.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Harder Is Better (GroovX Edit)Pure Energy1345:38
2 Hyperspace (GroovX Edit)Pure Energy1345:42
3 Call Off The Bass (GroovX Edit)Pure Energy1343:51
4 Force Of Nature (GroovX Edit)Pure Energy1345:03
5 The Forgiven (GroovX Edit)Pure Energy1345:15
6 Strange Happenings (GroovX Edit)Pure Energy1345:13
7 Into The Darkness (GroovX Edit)Pure Energy1344:32
8 Revolver (GroovX Edit)Pure Energy1345:30
9 The Cube (GroovX Edit)Pure Energy1344:18
10 Dreams Become Nightmares (GroovX Edit)Pure Energy1345:15
11 Walk Don't Run (GroovX Edit)Pure Energy1004:52
12 GroovX Extras - ProBeats 8 - Pump Up The Beats (Continuous Mix)Various Artists13455:13
Harder Is Better (GroovX Edit)
Pure Energy
0:00 / 5:38
134 BPM


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