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Cardio, Combat
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Various Artists
Pure Energy

Cardio Combat 3: Freestyle Fighter

Cardio, Combat

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Cardio Combat 3: Freestyle Fighter is a 170 BPM mix that really packs a punch!

Featuring amazing Drum & Bass mixed with a bit of Jungle, this release is a must-use for your Freestyle Fighter, Studio Cycling and Circuits classes!

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Bells Of EmotionHanz Solo1753:42
2 Party MasterBK1723:03
3 Step In The LightHanz Solo1753:43
4 Sun Is DarkWayward1744:28
5 All Of Your Love (Combat Mix)Max Mozart1704:45
6 Jungle CakesSubooka1724:30
7 Out ThereSubooka1703:49
8 ReadyBK1723:26
9 Sky's The LimitBK1743:45
10 Take A StepBK1743:23
11 Once We GlueRedgate1743:24
12 Cardio Combat 3: Freestyle Fighter (Continuous Mix)Various Artists17053:35
Bells Of Emotion
Hanz Solo
0:00 / 3:42
175 BPM


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