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Studio Cycling, Cardio
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Various Artists
Nick Wild

Bike Beats 5: Rock v D&B

Studio Cycling, Cardio

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Bike Beats 5: Rock v D&B brings you a collection of the best tracks from our Pure Energy Go collection.

Comprising Electro Energy, Block Rockin Beats, Hip Hop Rocks and the best Drum & Bass tracks around, this is one great Studio Cycling mix!

Each 8-minute section has been timed to workout guidelines and includes sound effects which identify that the current workout is almost complete, giving you time to use your rest in between tracks.

As an alternative to as using the continuous mix, the included single tracks allow you to choose which sections you want and when you want to use them, which is the beauty of Bike Beats!

Guaranteed to give you the motivation to climb that mountain and race to the finish line, strap your feet in, grab your water and get ready to GO! 

1) Warm Up: 120bpm
2) Seated Climb: 134-140bpm
3) Seated and Climb Combo: 170bpm
4) Freestyle: 115bpm
5) BONUS Speed Challenge: 45:15 Intervals (21 mins): 168bpm
6) Cool Down & Stretch: 100-90bpm

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Bike Beats 5: Warm UpVarious Artists1208:51
2 Bike Beats 5: Seated ClimbVarious Artists134-1408:32
3 Bike Beats 5: Seated & Climb ComboVarious Artists1708:41
4 Bike Beats 5: FreestyleVarious Artists1158:39
5 Bike Beats 5: 45:15Various Artists16821:00
6 Bike Beats 5: Cool Down & StretchVarious Artists100-908:11
7 Bike Beats 5: Rock v D&B (Continuous Mix)Various ArtistsVaried1:03:30
Bike Beats 5: Warm Up
Various Artists
0:00 / 08:51
120 BPM


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