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Studio Cycling, Cardio
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Various Artists
Pure Energy

Bike Beats 1: House

Studio Cycling, Cardio

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Bike Beats 1: House is a first-of-its-kind compilation album! The included tracks have been selected very carefully with different energies to cover all aspects of your Studio Cycling class. This album focuses on House and Big Beat energy!

Each section has been timed to workout guidelines and includes sound effects so you know that the end of each section is coming, giving you time to use your 30 second rest in between tracks.

Bike Beats 1: House includes a continuous mix and the individual tracks, allowing you to rearrange or shorten the class to your taste. Guaranteed to give you the motivation to climb that mountain and race to the finish line. Strap your feet in, grab your water and you are ready to go!

The varied BPMs on this release cover warm up, climbing, standing, speed and cool downs. Tracks chosen from: Cardio Energy 9 Pure Pop – Summer Dance Anthems Electro House Party Cardio Combat 2 Rave Generation 90s House Party 2 Mind Body Summer Chill

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 I Want More (Cycling Edit)Rob Tissera1307:34
2 Take You Higher (Cycling Edit)Time Banditz1356:33
3 Falling Down (Cycling Edit)Menzok1506:32
4 Follow Me (Cycling Edit)Rob Tissera1305:29
5 Indignation (Cycling Edit)Max Mozart1506:32
6 Let The Music Set You Free (Cycling Edit)Rob Tissera1306:28
7 Pendulum Swings (Cycling Edit)Max Mozart1705:38
8 Selector On High (Cycling Edit)Lost Generation1366:34
9 By The Pool (Cycling Edit)Paul Chambers907:11
10 Bike Beats 1: House (Continuous Mix)Various ArtistsVaried57:31
I Want More (Cycling Edit)
Rob Tissera
0:00 / 07:34
130 BPM


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