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Conditioning, Barre
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Various Artists
Nick Wild

Barre Elements 7

Conditioning, Barre

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Barre Elements 7 is the latest Barre installment, compiled and presented by Nikkie Riozzi.

Barre Elements are small, broken-up sections that allow you to use them as a playlist or mix and match the elements. They are also great for Body Conditioning and any form of interval-based workouts, not just Barre!

We design this concept based on different styles of Barre teachers and class lengths, so you can create your class with any elements you like by using just one album or elements from all albums.

The 10:20:30 method for Barre found on this release is a great way for you to plan your class, and allows for classes of different lengths.

Mix 1: 10 minutes. 120bpm
A Disco House intro mix for a warm-up of the small technique section.

Mix 2: 20 minutes. 125bpm
A Funky House mix for Floor work

Mix 3: 30 minutes. 128bpm
A Jazz House and Tech House intervals workout.
Perform Exercises 1-5 on the left leg in a 45s work / 15s rest pattern.
Repeat the same routine on the right leg.
60s rest. Repeat for 3 rounds

Left Leg:
Ex.1: Plié sequence
Ex.2: Forward and back Tendu
Ex.3 : Rond De Jambe
Ex.4: Relevé
Ex.5: Swing Single, Single Double
Repeat on the right leg.
60s rest

Repeat a total of 3 times through the format with different techniques or the same but with progressions/adaptations.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Barre Elements 7: Mix 1Various Artists12010:02
2 Barre Elements 7: Mix 2Various Artists12520:00
3 Barre Elements 7: Mix 3Various Artists12831:37
Barre Elements 7: Mix 1
Various Artists
0:00 / 10:02
120 BPM


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