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Conditioning, Barre, Yoga
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Various Artists
Pure Energy

Barre Elements 6

Conditioning, Barre, Yoga

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Barre Elements 6 is the second installment from Bar Method Master Instructor Sarah Porter.

This release is based on a newly formatted class called Bar Flow. This concept fuses traditional Bar Method exercises with Vinyasa yoga flow sequences, helping you to stretch, strengthen and energise!

Sarah has chosen a selection of songs that create an upbeat and international vibe. There are some fab and kicking tunes on this album that you can adapt and use for any of your Barre, Yoga, or Pilates-style classes. 

There are ten elements available, all consisting of varying BPMs and feels: 

Element 1: Warm Up
Two hype-inducing tracks from Twisted Disco House – Summer Grooves will help you get your class motivated and ready for action! 

Element 2: Intro Flow & Warm Up
Here’s an inspiring but less energetic song from Deep House Chill to introduce your yoga flow to your students. Take your time… let them tune inwards for a minute or two!

Element 3: Workout: Thighs
Off we go to South America, and two really fun songs from Latin Fiesta, to give our thigh muscles a wake-up and blast!

Element 4: Elongated Flow 1
Medina” is the beautiful soundtrack to your elongated Vinyasa flow sequence. Yummy!

Element 5: Workout: Seat & Thighs
Back to the barre we go to work the glutes and thighs more extensively with 4 fabulous tunes from Afro House Sessions

Element 6: Elongated Flow 2
Wave After Wave” is the perfect backdrop to another Vinyasa flow which moves faster than the first. 

Element 7: Workout: Abs
Time to dig into those abdominals using songs from Urban Dance

Element 8: Capstone
Here’s your final metabolic push to the finish line. “Everywhere” from Pure Pop House is always a true motivator! 

Element 9: Stretch
Let’s start to bring down the heart rate with a gorgeous song from Chill-Hop Dreams. It’s time to stretch out those muscles. 

Element 10: Final Resting Pose
Finish your tour of the World with “Tuban” from A Trip To The Far East. This makes for a delicious and restful savasana or final resting pose.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Barre Elements 6 - Warm UpVarious Artists1258:02
2 Barre Elements 6 - Intro Flow & Warm UpTico Piper1185:04
3 Barre Elements 6 - Workout: ThighsVarious Artists1288:04
4 Barre Elements 6 - Elongated Flow 1Paul Chambers955:09
5 Barre Elements 6 - Workout: Seat & ThighsHigher Self12818:06
6 Barre Elements 6 - Elongated Flow 2Serena Sands1204:57
7 Barre Elements 6 - Workout: AbsHigher Self1205:08
8 Barre Elements 6 - CapstoneMozStak1284:02
9 Barre Elements 6 - StretchHigher Self803:18
10 Barre Elements 6 - Final Resting PoseLes Verde Orchestra903:18
Barre Elements 6 - Warm Up
Various Artists
0:00 / 08:02
125 BPM


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