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Conditioning, Barre
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Barre Elements 5

Conditioning, Barre

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Barre Elements 5 has been compiled by Ellen Tress and has been created to encapsulate the feeling of a traditional ballet class, but combining enough techniques together to still have that Fitness focus.

Plié, Tendu & Glissé
Développe, Rond De Jambe, & Grand Battement
These are warm up and technique tracks. They can be done assisted or in the centre but the focus is on warming the body, coaching the technique, creating confidence in the movement through repetition and lengthening the limbs, to get ready for those beautiful lines. The BPM of both these mixes gives you the time to teach.

Petite Allegro and Travel 
Now is your time to move – your time to dance. Pas De Bourree, Balancé, Chassé round the space, while adding in the occasional Petite Allegro, little jump, sequence of Sautés & Changements. At 15mins in length you have more time to teach your choreography and then move all together towards the end.

Slowly, at ease – the definition of Adage, this mix is all about the lines. Slow, elegant, Fondu’s, Port De Bras and Arabesques. Use the time to lift and lengthen with poise and precision.

Floor Barre and Stretch
Bringing some core-focused work to the end of your class, this mix takes you down to the mat for maybe some seated work, with arm lines, sides lying work with the legs or supine position exercises – to be followed by a fluid stretch ending your class beautifully.

Tracks can be used for a whole 1 hour class or broken down into sections for more specific focus in areas.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Barre Elements 5 - Plié, Tendu & GlisséPaul Chambers100-1109:38
2 Barre Elements 5 - Développé, Rond De Jambe, Grande BattementHigher Self1009:43
3 Barre Elements 5 - Petite Allegro & TravelVarious Artists110-12514:34
4 Barre Elements 5 - AdagePaul Chambersn/a15:00
5 Barre Elements 5 - Floor Barre & StretchHigher Self959:33
Barre Elements 5 - Plié, Tendu & Glissé
Paul Chambers
0:00 / 09:38
100-110 BPM


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