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Conditioning, Barre, Pilates
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Barre Elements 4 – Intervals Edition

Conditioning, Barre, Pilates

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Barre Elements 4 – Intervals Edition focuses on planning your class around interval timings and making mini routines, firstly performed on the left leg and then repeated on the right.

Using an Intervals element in your Barre workout is a great additional way to aid in planning sessions.

These protocols are great for adding strength and almost working to fatigue depending on the techniques used. There is also the bonus of knowing that everything is symmetrical.

As this is based around working down one side then repeating the sequences on the opposite side, as well as Barre, this will also provide a great workout element for other classes such as Yoga Intervals, Pilates Intervals and Slow Strength Intervals

Let’s get creative!


Workout 1: 45:15. 96 bpm. 20:13.
Music from Mind Body Fusion – Chill Hop Dreams

5 x mini sequences/techniques on the left leg.
Repeat on the right leg.
Repeat with either the same techniques or a new set of sequences.

Workout 2: 30:10 112 bpm. 22:46
Music from Funk & Groove 1

4 x 30:10 (30s work / 10s rest) Left leg
4 x 30:10 (30s work / 10s rest) Right leg
4 x 30:10 (30s work / 10s rest) Left leg
4 x 30:10 (30s work / 10s rest) Right leg
60 seconds rest
Repeat and finish.

Workout 3 30:30:30:30 118 bpm. 24:07
Music from Mind Body Beats – Deep House Chill and Mind Body Beats – Jazz House Grooves

4 x 30s of 4 techniques left leg.
15s rest
Repeat on the right leg.
Repeat for 5 rounds. 

Basic Example:
30s Tendu. Forward, side & behind.
30s Rond de Jambe to the back and to the front.
30s Plié 1st and Relevé.
30s Plié 2nd and side bend.
15s rest. Repeat on the other leg.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Barre Elements 4 - 45:15Higher Self9620:13
2 Barre Elements 4 - 30:10Frank Farell11222:45
3 Barre Elements 4 - 30:30:30:30Various Artists12024:07
Barre Elements 4 - 45:15
Higher Self
0:00 / 20:13
96 BPM


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