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Conditioning, Barre, Pilates
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Various Artists
Pure Energy

Barre Elements 3

Conditioning, Barre, Pilates

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Sarah Porter presents Barre Elements 3… a fun, feel-good album that helps you deliver the perfect punch to your barre class.

This album contains two faster-paced mixes, each around 20 minutes long for cardio, strength, and endurance. There is a separate performance track, which is ideal for use during the last final push exercise! Also provided is a separate stretch element that can be placed at any time during the class, along with a gorgeous cool-down section for the end of class. 

Element 1: Mix 1 – 125-128bpm (24:52)
Warm up and Upper Body Work

Composed using tracks from Pure Pop House and Cardio Dance 1, this mix is fun, energetic, and sets the tone for a fun-filled workout. I defy you not to drop your weights and bust a move! 

Element 2: Stretch – 85-80bpm (8:21)

Two blended tracks from the gorgeous Mind Body – Soulful Chill album. Perfect for elongating and recuperating those muscles after the challenging aspects of class. 

Element 3: Mix 2 – 128-132bpm (19:49)
Lower Body Workout: Legs, Bums, and Tums!

Tracks from Pure Pop 2 boost energy and mood levels to help you dominate the meaty part of your barre class! 

Element 4: Performance Track – 128bpm (6:07)
Final Exercise

“Stay” by House of Kings helps you celebrate the final push in your barre class. You’re almost done! 

Element 5: Cool Down – 75bpm (6:01)
Final Stretch

Paul Chambers’ “Demons in the Dark” is the perfect conclusion to class, with its dreamy, chilled-out vibes. 


Mix 1: Upper body and core work. Use light weights to strengthen postural muscles and infiltrate planks and pushups to lightly elevate the heart rate and wake up the core muscles. Ideas: plank, shoulder walks, lat pulls, one-weight lifts, pushups, and tricep dips.

Stretch: Elongate all the major muscles with either stretch at the barre or in the centre of the room. 

Mix 2: Leg and seat work at the barre, plus focused abdominal work. Ideas: heel lifts, parallel thigh with the ball, arabesque, and oblique punches. 

Performance: Final push to the end of class for that last surge of metabolism boost! Ideas: back-dancing. 

Cool down: Final stretch and révérence.


 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Barre Elements 3 - Element 1 - Mix 1Various Artists125-12824:52
2 Barre Elements 3 - Element 2 - StretchVarious Artists858:20
3 Barre Elements 3 - Element 3 - Mix 2Various Artists128-13219:49
4 Barre Elements 3 - Element 4 - Performance TrackHouse Of Kings1286:04
5 Barre Elements 3 - Element 5 - Cool DownPaul Chambers706:01
Barre Elements 3 - Element 1 - Mix 1
Various Artists
0:00 / 24:52
125-128 BPM


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